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Wish you could paint like Michelangelo? Have you ever looked at a painting and just wondered how can a person be so talented? Now is your chance. Wine and Canvas is a mobile art group that helps people paint like Picasso! You can find other team building activities in San Diego here.

Take a break from work with your colleagues and enjoy some cocktails while you paint a sunset. Looking for something fun to break up a long conference week? Wine and Canvas can travel to your location, set up, and get you painting like Picasso in 2-3 hours! Wine and Canvas provides an experience for employees to relax, get creative, and see another side of their colleagues. It is a versatile experience that you can fit into your workweek or conference.

I interviewed Carolyn from Wine and Canvas, San Diego. You can listen to the full interview below. We talk about the joy of painting, different locations where they have held events, and the realization some people have when they see their finished art work.

Wine & Canvas Highlights

Wine and Canvas creates an artistic atmosphere for you to enjoy time with your colleagues. They are flexible in respect to time, location, and even paintings. The goal is to help guests create beautiful pieces of art while enjoying a relaxing environment with maybe a glass of wine and fun music.

What I enjoyed most about my interview with Carolyn was hearing all the different ways Wine and Canvas looks to accommodate their clients. They are super flexible and provide a service that brings fun to any event.

  • The experience is completely mobile. Wine & Canvas can meet your group in your office conference room, a hotel, a restaurant, and even a winery. They encourage you to find a location that would best suit your needs. If you are unsure about where to meet, they have built relationships with restaurants and hotels in the area willing to host.
  • The instructors provide the canvas, paint, table easel, aprons and instruction. They will set up the event at the location and clean up. It is hassle free, all you have to do is show up and paint.
  • Not interested in painting a sunset? Wine & Canvas has about 200 paintings for you to select from. Ranging from nature scenes, animals, and even San Diego locations.
  • Most sessions take 3 hours. If you are crunched on time you can do a 2 hour class on a smaller canvas. This option is not available for all paintings, due to detail, but they do have plenty of options for the 2 hour time frame.
  • You don’t have to drink wine! Have your event at a restaurant, a hotel, or office and have refreshments brought in. Wine and Canvas does not provide refreshments but they welcome their guests to bring whatever food or drinks they like.
  • Price is per head and does not vary in regards to location or painting. They have flat rate fees for groups of at least 15 people. If you have a group of 10 people it will still be that 15 person rate. After 15 it will increase variably. If you book for a larger group they can book up to 100 people. Booking a group of over 50 people may be eligible for a discount.

Wine & Canvas as a Fun Team Building Activity

Wine and Canvas is willing to customize an experience for your group. The instructors have worked with a number of companies and traveled all over San Diego to fit their needs. They even did a lesson at a hotel for spouses while their significant others were working a conference.

Following my interview with Carolyn she told me about a company that wanted to paint their company logo. The instructors at Wine and Canvas were able to come up with a design similar to the logo and guide the employees on how to work together in creating a large collage. After the event they would display their employees art work in the office. This creative project is just one way that Wine and Canvas can accommodate companies. If you are interested in doing something similar or have another team building idea they are more than willing to work with you.

Interview With Carolyn of Wine & Canvas in San Diego

Interview Transcript

Kristen: Hi my name is Kristen and I am with Team Building Hero. I am here with Carolyn with Wine and Canvas. Hi Carolyn, thank you for joining us today.Carolyn: Hi, thank you. Thank you for having me.

K: So first I just wanted to begin with what is a typical corporate event at Wine and Canvas?

C: Well Wine and Canvas, in San Diego, we do many corporate events all over San Diego. We are a mobile business so we travel to hotels, we travel to restaurants and wine bars and private locations as well. Even country clubs where corporations may have their events for their staff, their employees, it could be a corporate retreat that they are doing. Also, spouses who come for conferences and meetings. There may be companies that come from out of town as well to San Diego. So that is typically what our corporate events are made up of. So events are either a places where the staff or the executives or the spouses can come to ‘unleash their inner Picassos’ as we say. They enjoy a fun social environment where our local artists instruct them on how to complete and paint the featured paintings step by step. It is in a relaxed environment where they may be sipping wine or cocktails, just having appetizers along the way. It’s fun and relaxing and it’s not like a class where they are just there to paint and that is it. We really put fun into the painting experience. That means music as well, we play a fun mix of music in between the artist instructions. Sometimes people may even start dancing and singing along. We have experienced all kinds of fun experiences with different groups.

K: That sounds so fun. Ok so you kind of mentioned you are mobile. So we can have you guys come to our office and do it in our conference room or if we are meeting in a hotel?

C: O yes, I forgot to mention conference room! I forgot to mention offices. So we do go to corporate office as well.

K: So it is really easy for them to set up a location. If a company does not have a specific location that they can host the event, do you guys have a location for them to meet at or would you prefer that they find a location on their own?

C: So it just depends on what the company’s budget and preferences are. Since we are mobile we do not have a studio. But we do partner with different restaurants and wine bars in San Diego. So if a company is interested in the ones that we partner with we can put them in touch with them and figure out the food and beverage arrangements that they want. If there is a different venue that we haven’t been to that they are interested in we can also contact new and different venues as well. It just depends on if those venues are interested in having us. I would have to say the majority of our events are either at hotels or in the office settings because the hotel ones are typically corporate groups from out of town for corporate meetings. They are already at the hotel so they coordinate with the sales staff there and bring us in and coordinate with them as part of their activities for the staff or the spouses. Then the more local corporate events can typically be done at our wine bars. Recently we went to an office setting where they have a multi purpose room or a big conference room, meeting room, so we use their tables and chairs. We cover everything with butcher paper, we set everything up and clean everything up as well.

K: Wow that’s really accommodating. So you have restaurants to suggest or otherwise you can fit it in in the middle of a conference week. Thats fantastic.

C: Yes, and one other type of venue is wineries too. There are a couple small independently owned wineries that we work with or currently work with or in the past we have been to those locations as well.

K: That’s awesome, so do you have any team building packages that focus on companies or teaching people how to work together?

C: We currently do not. We can customize something if it works for the company. Mostly we have found that our events work well, in the sense that, everybody is together experiencing the activity together and enjoying themselves and relaxing and having a fun and memorable time. That seems to work well at our events. We have been asked to do different things but the majority of what we have been done is the individual painting.

K: Ok, so the experience is pretty customizable it is really a great time for people to relax and get together, that is fun.

C: Yes, and that is another thing you bring up. Customizing many of our guests follow our instructors and that’s great you can follow them step by step in terms of mixing the colors and sketching out the scenes and making their painting look very similar to the instructors. We also welcome creativity. Many guests will sometimes add their own personal touch so if they want to change the background color or add a couple of birds in the scene in the sky. We have see quite a few different things popping up in the ocean scene in their paintings. Some people paint in a little dolphin that they want to do or a little boat in the background of the painting that they want to do. So they are really welcomed to personalize it the way they want to.

K: Wow, that is so fun. So, kind of sticking with the whole painting portion, do they get to pick what they want to paint? Does everyone have to paint the same picture? I know you said everyone can customize it a little bit.

C: Yes, so for corporate events typically the corporate event organizer will choose the painting. We will send our album, it is a private album, it is our portfolio of our paintings. We have over 200 paintings to choose from. They will give us their top choice and that is basically all the guests will paint. I have to say the most popular paintings that are chosen because we live in San Diego are of San Diego. We have palm trees, beach scenes, sunset ocean scenes are by far the most popular paintings of a scene. Plus we have plenty of San Diego scenes as well because that is a wonderful keepsake or memory that they can take home with them.

K: O nice, so also kind of sticking with the painting theme…I am sorry I forgot my question, I will come back to it. Is there only wine available? I know you talked about doing it at a wine vineyard, hotel, or bar restaurant. Do you provide any of the drinks or is it more of the location that you are at?

C: We do not provide any food or drink. Our company we provide the art instruction and the supplies and the set up for the class. Any food or drink would be provided by the client. If they are in a private setting they can provide whatever refreshments they want. Say we are in an office setting they don’t have to bring wine if they don’t want to. They can bring whatever food or drink they would like to. If they do go to a wine bar or one of our venues, they are welcomed to order whatever food or drink that they want.

K: Ok, and I actually remember my earlier question. With your 200 paintings is there a level of difficulty that you would suggest for people maybe in a less creative field to do certain paintings? Some more difficult or more simpler art?

C: Um, that is a good question. Our events are typically three hours long on a 16×20 inch canvas. Really no experience is necessary for our guests because we do take them step by step with each part of the painting. Pretty much all of our paintings should be pretty simple to follow along as they follow the instructor. There may be some that people feel look easier than others but it just kind of depends on the painting. For the most part everyone finishes in that time period. We do take a short break about halfway through as some of the paint layers, the first initial paint layers, need to dry and the second layers and third layers.

K: Ok, with the corporate events that you typically host is there a typical price range? Or a flat rate? Is it per head? How does pricing work?

C: Yes, currently it is $35 per person. We do have a 15 person minimum charge for private events. We can accommodate up to 100 people for an event. We have done many events for up to 40 – 65 or so people. When the numbers go higher than 50 we are able to perhaps give a few seat discount when it goes into the larger numbers.

K: To reiterate, you said there is a flat rate at 15? So if you have a group of 10 people it would still be that 15 people rate?

C: Yes, yes correct. Actually we have done quite a few small retreats for either private individuals or corporate executives, where it has been 6 – 8 people and it is so much fun for them. It is a small group but they are able to work together in their fun environment. It is part of their retreat, they may be brainstorming their plans for the next upcoming year and they add this element of creativity throughout their day.

K: Nice, so it is maybe more one on one. You maybe get more help from the instructor, as I would need.

C: Yes people feel relaxed, they are laughing. You know I think it brings out more in each of them. The excitement they have especially at the end when they see the finished painting that they may not of believe at the beginning they could complete. That is really the rewarding aspect for us. To see those smiles and sometimes actually tears. Our artists have sometimes seen tears, tears of joy really because they felt they could only draw stick figures or they haven’t painted since they were little kids. It is really a life changing moment for some people when they realize what they can do.

K: That is such an awesome lesson for some people to get out of the box and get out of their normal work routine.

C: Yes, thats a great way to put it. It is to break up that work routine and get some new energy and just feeling good.

K: Going back to the price, what is included in the price? Do they have to bring any of their own supplies? I am assuming they get to keep their painting and their canvas?

C: What is included is the canvas, and we set up everything at the location. That would include table top easel, brushes, the paint, we provide aprons for them to wear. The artist is there to lead the instruction. Then we have an assistant typically who sets up and helps during the event. Resealing paint and helping the artist.

K: Do prices vary from painting to painting? Or is it just that flat rate no matter what painting?

C: Yes, that is the same rate. I do want to say for some traveling groups. We do have some corporate groups the ones that are traveling and staying at hotels, sometimes they may be on a shorter time frame. They might prefer 2 hours. So we have an option for those groups. The price is still the same at $35 per person. But it can be done in 2 hours on a slightly smaller canvas. It is 11 inches by 14 inches. Not all paintings can be done on that size. But we have many to choose from that can be done. Just because if certain paintings have more detail it does require the 3 hours to do the larger size.

K: Ok, so is all that information included when they are looking through the 200 paintings? What paintings can be done in the 2 hour time frame?

C: Currently not, but typically when a company asks for that after talking with them we figure out ok they are actually on a time frame. At that point is typically when we discuss that other option along with paintings. We have a separate sheet that we can show them that has thumbnails of the paintings that would be easier to do.

K: Ok great, so say I am someone that is interested in doing a Wine & Canvas event. Where should I start? Can I find all this online? Should I call someone?

C: There are different ways to go about that. One, they can call the phone number at (619) 207-9431 and that is a great way to get in touch with us so we can initially find out what they are looking for. Sometimes it is quicker to discuss things by phone. Another way is to also e-mail us and we will e-mail back written information and also follow up with a phone call. Another way is our website of course. Our website has a lot of information, it has our corporate office information but it also has all of the information for our local wine and canvas here in san diego.

K: That is a lot of great information. Do you have anything else you would like to add about doing an event with wine and canvas?

C: I would like to just say again how much fun the whole aspect of combining painting in a fun social environment. That really is what we enjoy doing and sharing that joy of painting with so many different groups

K: Yea definitely, just getting out of the office with your coworkers and being able to relax and do something a little bit more creative and seeing a different side to the people that you work with, thats got to be fun.

C: Yes, yes.

K: Well thank you so much for speaking with us today. I think we got everything we need. So this is Kristen with Team Building Hero and that was Carolyn with Wine and Canvas. Thank you so much Carolyn.

C: Thank you

Wine & Canvas Reviews

“Held a corporate team building event for 55 attendees. This was a lot of fun. Everyone looked forward to the event and continued to talk about it for several days following. A month later, you can still see some artwork in people’s cubicles. With a private event, you are able to select the location and the artwork piece yourself. We chose a local hotel with a banquet room and had the F&B catered. The instructors (3) were very helpful as many of the people had no confidence in there ability. The pace was good took about 2.5hrs which included a short break. Highly recommend Wine and Canvas for a corporate event.” – Ellen M., Yelp

“Went to wine and paint last night with Wine and Canvas. Amanda was our instructor. She had a beautiful painting similar to Leonid Avermov and her instructions were phenomenal. This was my 5th wine and paint event where I have gone with different companies each time. This one by far has been the best I’ve attended. Thank you to Amanda and her assistant. We had an excellent time. Can’t wait to paint with you again!” – Jenny H., Yelp

“I must admit, we both were a little intimidated at the whole thing but we ended up having a fun and relaxing time! We went to the Cozymel’s location in UTC and had C and Jane as our instructors. They were both great and provided clear instructions and feedback throughout the whole process. My friend and I both were a little skeptical that our blank canvas would eventually turn into something that we could be proud of, but it did just that. Definitely a good time and good for anyone with any level of artistic ability – seriously!” – Jenn T., Yelp

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