Zoom Team Building Activities for Conference Calls

This page includes our list of zoom team building activities for conference calls, plus general information about team building online.

Specifically, we’ve included:

Below, we take a deep dive into the most important aspects of virtual team building. We talk about the science behind online team building and why employee engagement for remote teams is especially important. We cover the best virtual team activities, online team building games and virtual icebreaker questions. We also discuss virtual management and virtual management training. Finally, we talk a little about the different pros and cons of working from home, including the advantages, disadvantages and challenges.

Let’s get started!

What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building is the process of developing relationships in remote teams. This process can include intentionally scheduled remote team building activities, as well as elements like icebreaker questions and breakout rooms. The goal of these efforts is to help improve remote work dynamics, engagement, job satisfaction and productivity.

The Benefits of Virtual Team Building

When you think of team building, trust falls, ice breaker questions and rope courses likely come to mind. In recent years, there shift in the team building industry toward more unexpected, innovative corporate team building activities. Today’s team building includes sassy museum tours, guacamole making competitions, catapult contests, and holiday-themed festivities. This trend toward unique shared experiences extends to online team building as well.

But before we talk about the types of team bonding you can do with remote teams, we first want to talk about why you should do team building with remote teams at all If you are already 100% sold on the value, then feel free to skip ahead to the next session where we give examples of the best remote team building activities available.

Here are some of the most eye-opening statistics on employee engagement in the United States:

  • According to a report from Great Place to Work, only 42% of workers look forward to heading to work each day.
  • While KPMG found that 85% of HR decision makers value employee engagement as a critical metric, less than a quarter of HR departments are concerned with what kind of workplace experience each worker has.
  • Almost half of all employees surveyed would leave their current positions for a simple 10% pay bump. Why? Poor company culture is the leading reason these folks would make the switch.
  • The majority of the workforce doesn’t believe companies have employee engagement strategies in place. 63% of HR departments said they have such a mission in their workplace; and only 43% of employees agreed. If your employees can’t see your strategy, then does it really exist?
  • HubSpot found that a whopping 69% of employees said they’d work harder if they felt more appreciation from management.

There are dozens of statistics and studies out there that show similar numbers; the bottom line is the same: employees aren’t feeling the love from their companies. Which is why smart companies are investing in digital team building. By the way, team building is also one of the ways you can cultivate innovation in remote teams.

Why is this important? Here are the top five reasons why employee engagement matters:

  • Companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable than competitors! What would you do with more profit?
  • Dissatisfied employees are estimated to cost the U.S. economy $500+ billion annually.
  • Each time your business loses an employee that you eventually replace, it’s thought to cost the average company $5,000 in turnover per person!. Engaged employees are dramatically less likely to bolt for the next mildly decent opportunity.
  • Gallup found that engaged employees were 41% less likely to have an absenteeism issue.
  • Engaged employees are both more productive and more efficient, so these workers offer a better ROI on their pay.

By now, it’s pretty clear that having engaged employees is critical to your business achieving its maximum potential and success. Figuring out how, exactly, to engage your employees, however, is another matter entirely. Let’s talk about it.

Virtual Team Building Activities

In addition to professionally facilitated virtual team building activities, there are also a variety of online team building games you and your remote team can play to stay connected and engaged. Our ideal recipe for successful online team building includes a healthy mix of virtual games sprinkled into regularly scheduled virtual meetings and intentional investments in activities.

1. Remote Workplace Bingo

One of our favorite online team building games is Remote Work Bingo. You can download the bingo cards here and send them to your coworkers. The first person to get a bingo wins a prize, with bonus points for adding fun options into this mix like “first to get normal bingo,” “first to get a diagonal”, “first to get an X on the board,” and “first to complete the full bingo board.”

Here is a free template you can use.

Check out Online Team Building Bingo for more free templates.

2. Online Office Games

Our section on online team building games would be incomplete without mention of TeamBuilding.com’s Online Office Games, an awesome facilitated virtual team experience!

fun virtual team building activities

Go for the online team building gold with the Online Office Games!

The Online Office Games are designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive. Your group will enjoy specially-curated remote games and activities that boost relationships, workplace satisfaction, and will leave your remote team feeling great. Reviews for the Online Office Games are overwhelmingly positive and this activity is well worth it!

3. Murder in Ancient Egypt

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a fully facilitated murder mystery experience based on a real historical murder. The activity uses game mechanics similar to escape rooms to challenge your team to follow clues, solve puzzles and be the first to figure out “who dunnit?”.

murder mystery activity

This is one of the top virtual team building activities you can do with your team because it encourages collaboration and problem solving while having fun.

Learn more about Murder in Ancient Egypt.

4. Typing Competitions

Another fun and friendly competition that falls into the free online team building games category is TypingTest.com. With a typing race, your coworkers can compete to see who is the fastest typist in the virtual office. Have everyone log on together and spend 60 seconds battling it out. You can also host the race in a Zoom Room or via another video call platform like Webex to fan the flames of friendly competition!

Here’s the thing about digital team building: you can compete in just about anything and turn those competitions into fun, free online team building games! Solicit suggestions for various competitions from other members of your group and set up a recurring monthly battle complete with prizes to keep your remote employees engaged.

5. Pixel Art Challenge

Looking for something a bit more engaging when it comes to online team building games? Try the Pixel Art Challenge! Here’s how it works: find a fun image online, then determine what colors you need to recreate it. Then, set up a Google Sheet where you assign each color to a number. When you type that number into a cell, the cell turns into the corresponding color. While this activity requires a bit of time to set up, it’s worth it. Your group will have a great time with the big reveal!

Pixel Art is a fun way to enjoy free online team building games for remote workers.

Who is ready to recreate some unicorns? Get a free template for this fun virtual team activity by clicking on the image above.

Head to Zoom, Webex, or another virtual conference platform to divide your group into teams, and then send each team into a breakout room to see who can best recreate the image via the pixels on a Google Sheet. For an added bonus and to promote more conversation, have each group come up with a fun backstory about the item in your image. For example, a unicorn, llama, sloth or whatever you choose!

Worried this remote activity is too much work to set up? Here’s a free template you can use with your group for the Pixel Art Challenge.

6. Team Movie Night

Organizing a team movie night is a great way to do team building while working from home.

Here are the steps:

  1. Poll your team on the group’s favorite movies.
  2. Send your team members cute popcorn care packages that include popcorn, neck pillows and other items.
  3. Organize a virtual movie night and stream the movie via Zoom.
  4. After the movie, prompt your team with discussion points related to the movie.

And here are some movies you could watch:

  • Quick Change
  • Mighty Ducks
  • Ant Man
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Interstellar

One recommendation for this activity is to consider your team’s make-up; if most of your coworkers have families who would like to participate, then think about opening up the experience to everyone to spread more joy. Pass the candy!

7. Virtual Team Spirit Week

Everyone except my colleague, Michael, remembers spirit week back in school; where each day of a specific week had a fun theme for folks to participate in! You can re-create spirit week as a series of virtual team building activities for your remote workers. The online team building ideas are endless, so we’ve put together a sample itinerary for your virtual team below. Pep up the competition a little more and offer a daily prize for the most spirited entry of each day!

Monday📸 Share the funniest picture in your phone to a dedicated Slack channel
Tuesday📝 Write a white board or paper note to a coworker and post to a dedicated Slack channel
Wednesday👩‍🍳 Share a recipe you love, or want to try, with your coworkers.
Thursday📚 Share a book with your coworkers; this can be a book you’re reading now, a book on your to-read list, or a book you’ve read and loved
Friday😴 Wear your PJs to work day (we promise we won’t tell if you actually do this every day)

You can develop your own awesome schedule too!

8. Emoji Storytelling 🔥

One of our favorite unique remote team engagement ideas is Emoji Storytelling! There are hundreds of emojis out there just waiting to tell a story.

To play:

  1. Gather your team in a video conference room, then divide your group into smaller teams.
  2. Task each team with the job of creating a story told entirely via emojis. Set a goal for coming up with a complete story in less than 10 minutes with about 100 emojis.
  3. Then, bring the group back to the meeting and give each group another group’s emoji story. The groups get another 10 minutes to try to decipher the emoji story of another group into words.
  4. When you meet as a large group again, one representative from each small team reads the group’s translated version of the emoji story.

Emoji storytelling is a blast, and laughs and good times are bound to roll with these fun virtual team building games!

9. Virtual Conference Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is an easy to play game that most people are familiar with. You can adapt Tic-Tac-Toe to play with virtual teams by using a gallery view on a call and considering team members the playing pieces.

For example, if two people are facing off then you could say, “John, you are an ‘X'” and then John would cross his arms to make an ‘X’ shape. Then the next player could say, “Helen, you are an ‘O'” and then Helen would make an ‘O’ shape with her arms.

The winner is the first player to complete a row, really everyone wins because Virtual Tic-Tac-Toe is a blast of comic relief.

10. “I wonder…”

“I wonder…” is an online team building game that explored the intersection of creativity and business forecasting. To play, you start by saying “I wonder…” and then complete the phrase with something wild and unexpected like “what would happen to our business if humanity successfully settles Mars.” Your team then develops ideas and action plans around the scenario.

Here are some “I wonder…” ideas:

  • What would happen if we time travelled back to the Jurassic Era?
  • How we would adapt our product if ghosts were real?
  • How we would compete if outer-space aliens came to join our market?

You can come up with your own ideas too.

Virtual Team Building Challenges

You can host a variety of different remote team challenges to promote friendly competition and great habits in the workplace. We can think of endless ideas for different virtual team building challenges you can host. Below we brainstormed and listed a number of our favorite ideas. If you have any suggestions, or try one at your workplace, then we’d love to hear about in the comments!

  • Hydration Challenge
  • Yoga Challenge
  • Posture Challenge
  • Words With Friends Challenge
  • Go Fish Challenge
  • War Card Game Challenge
  • Exercise Challenge
  • Meditation Challenge
  • Journaling Challenge
  • Typing Speed Challenge
  • Reading Speed Challenge

The virtual team challenges listed above are pretty self explanatory. For the yoga challenge, for example, everyone might do yoga for a week or a month and record progress. The person or team that completes the most sessions wins bragging rights.

Virtual Icebreaker Questions

When you think about icebreaker questions, what comes to mind? Does the thought of icebreaker questions evoke images of trust falls and dull corporate team building activities of your grandparents’ time?

Fun plot twist: today’s icebreaker questions can be fun and engaging when well-executed! The key is picking great icebreaker questions, and that becomes even more important when you’re looking for virtual icebreaker questions.

We’ve scoured the web, looking for the best virtual icebreaker questions that will help your remote employees better connect and engage with each other. These icebreakers are thoughtfully designed to be engaging, interactive, and fun. You won’t have any awkward engagement lags on your next Zoom call or Webex meeting when you use these virtual icebreaker questions.

Our Top 5 Best Virtual Ice breaker Questions:

  • What did you have for breakfast? 🍳?  🍌? 🍩? (Seriously, this question is telling.)
  • Dogs or cats? (Opinions here might be strong. ⚠️ Proceed with caution.) 🐶
  • Are you more productive in the morning or the evening? (You’ll get some unique insights into your coworkers’ most effective hours with this one.)
  • What’s been on your personal to-do list the longest? Oil change? Fixing a banister? Re-shingling the roof? Let’s hear your worst procrastination story!
  • Ketchup. Mayo. Mustard. What’s your favorite condiment? Which condiment do you absolutely refuse to eat? (Controversial) 🌭

Looking for more icebreaker questions? Check out our awesome list of team building icebreaker questions for work.

Team Building Ideas & Activities for Conference Calls

Zoom, Webex or Google Hangouts; it doesn’t matter which remote video conference call platforms you are using for virtual team building. What matters is that you are giving your remote team some levity and lightheartedness each time you get together. Every meeting within your organization is an opportunity for a little bonding, so we’ve put together a list of some fun ideas for team building activities for conference calls to help boost engagement, interaction, and overall employee engagement.

1. Virtual Culture Committee

Does your workplace have a culture committee? If not, then now is the time to start. A culture committee is a group of folks within your organization who put together fun events to help keep engagement and interaction strong among your team. A culture committee can be even more important in a remote workplace where it can be easy to go days without interacting with anyone on the team. Ideas for the culture committee include:

  • Fun Slack channels, related to pets, kids, books, Netflix, sports, etc.
  • Monthly challenges with prizes, like a hydration or posture challenge
  • Virtual birthday celebrations

And more 🙂

Ask your culture committee to start all of your virtual meetings with fun games and activities to kick off the gathering with high energy and good vibes.

2. Virtual Book Club

Book clubs are a great way for people to connect over a shared interest. Starting a virtual book club can help change up your normal virtual meetings and infuse some new life into your coworkers’ relationships.

I recommend that you rotate through books on professional development and general interest (fiction, non-fiction, historical, etc.) to attract the widest variety of interest possible

To get started, find an employee who can lead the book club, then take nominations for books to read. Once you’ve got the choices narrowed down to a few choices for reading material, send out the final two or three options for a participant vote. Then, just schedule your virtual book club like you would an in-person one, with virtual meetings or conference calls to talk about the book as a group.

3. Invite Special Guests to Virtual Meetings

When looking for online team building activities for conference calls, it can be tough to come up with solutions that haven’t already been exhausted before. Why not try inviting special guests to your next video call? This guest can be anyone from an outside expert for a remote lunch-and-learn or it can be allowing your coworkers to let family members join to provide outside, unique perspective on the meeting topics. You never know where you’ll find new, interesting insights!

4. Show-and-Tell

We are throwing it back to kindergarten with our list of ideas for virtual meetings. Do you host regular department meetings? Try spicing your next group video call up with a show-and-tell. Set a category or theme in advance and have each attendee bring a person item to show the group.

Theme ideas for your session include pets, favorite photos, favorite vacation memento, favorite room in the house, favorite T-shirt or hoodie. This activity is an awesome way to find unexpected commonalities between coworkers and learn more about each person outside of work.

5. Virtual Cook-Off

It’s time for a round of virtual Chopped!. Come up with four or five random ingredients, send these ingredients in a surprise box to your coworkers marked ‘do not open’ and then call your group to a virtual meeting to explain the challenge. We’d recommend letting everyone know a few days in advance to reserve a two hour time block on their calendars for this virtual meeting. Once on the meeting, explain the challenge: your team has an hour to come up with a signature dish using only the mystery ingredients sent in the box. No cheating! At the end of the hour, you all meet back together to present your dishes. Since this experience is virtual and you can’t do a taste test challenge, you can judge the presented dishes based on creativity, execution, and presentation! This game is a fun, competitive virtual team activity that helps promote creative thinking! For an added challenge, pair your coworkers up and require them to work together virtually to create a dish using just one person’s kitchen.

6. Online Escape Rooms

About a decade ago, Escape Rooms sweept the globe as a fun group activity to do with friends and coworkers. Now, with remote work, escape rooms are also moving online. These games and activities usually take place over Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. While the format may be different, the game mechanics will feel familiar with puzzles and clues for your people to solve. This process promotes collaboration, communication and teamwork.

Learn more about online escape rooms.

Virtual Coffee Break Ideas

One of the most common things remote employees say they miss about working in a physical office is chit-chat. While water cooler gossip may have a bad rep around the office, it’s actually an important part of team bonding time. Water cooler talk is a quick and easy way to take a second away from the desk, engage with coworkers, and form team bonds that can have a positive impact on company culture.

What happens when you are no longer in a physical office together, or never have been? It is key with virtual teams that you don’t lose out on this critical low-key team bonding time. Below are a few of our favorite virtual coffee break ideas and ways to hang around the virtual water cooler.

1. Donut Time!

The best part of water cooler talk is that you and your coworkers are rarely talking about a deadline or the next big project coming down the pipeline. Water cooler talk is fun because it is often non-work related and is low-pressure. If your business uses Slack then we highly recommend installing the Donut extension.

Donut will pair your team members up randomly; each pairing should carve out 15 to 30 minutes to connect via video call to talk about anything but work. Set a goal that each pair should come out of their virtual coffee break having found three new commonalities between them and encourage the pairs to share these fun facts in a dedicated Slack channel.

2. Share Your Mug

Another way to boost engagement is to get more literal with the idea of virtual coffee break ideas: host a “share your mug” competition! The execution on this remote team building idea is easy, making it a great choice for DIY online team building.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Designate one person as being in charge of the event for the entire company or team.
  2. Each participant sends a picture of their favorite coffee or tea mug over to the person in charge.
  3. Then, that person posts all the photos in a random Slack channel or email thread.
  4. All team members must guess which mug belongs to which team member!
  5. The person who guesses the most correctly wins!

This activity isn’t really about mugs. You could replace the mugs with books, pens, hats or similar to do mroe challenges.

3. Recipe Share Out Slack Channel

Food is a favorite pastime for many people, so why not create a Slack channel break room to talk about food? Encourage your team members to kick off the introduction of the channel by sharing one or two of each person’s favorite recipes. This activity has the potential to become a fun, relaxing space within your virtual workplace to take a break, talk about a hobby, and connect your coworkers on a level that goes beyond work talk.

Work From Home Activities

If you’re looking for some fun work from home activities, then we’ve got you covered! In the sections above, we covered the best remote team building activities and online team building games. Now, we want to bring remote workers some fun virtual activities that can be done from the comfort of home! These work from home activities are designed to bring joy, levity, and fun into a virtual work environment that might feel isolating at times. Do you have any other suggestions for fun work from hoem activities? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

1. Walk the dog

If you have the kind of work from home job where you have some freedom and flexibility in your working hours, then we recommend taking a break to walk the dog. This experience will help you and Fido keep your energy levels in check, get some fresh air, and ensure you are both getting much-needed exercise. It can be so easy when working from home to get caught up in your work and never move from your desk, but it’s key to keep the blood flowing and your body moving. A regular walk will help keep you and the pup in a routine that keeps you both happy and refreshed.

2. Chair Yoga

We love chair yoga as an option for work from home team building company-wide. However, even if your organization isn’t quite jumping on the at-home yoga trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself! Chair Yoga is super simple and great for people of all physical fitness levels. As you might have guessed from the title, Chair Yoga requires just one thing: a chair! Check out some fun YouTube videos for inspiration on the types of moves you can do to keep your body moving and stretched while working from home.

3. Stairs Challenge

Is your office on the second floor of your home? If so, then you’re in the perfect position to challenge yourself to get in some extra exercise by going up and down the flights of stairs a certain number of times per day. Stairs are a fun way to get in a little physical boost and get your heart rate going. A fun way to get in more steps? Don’t bring a giant glass of water upstairs; take a smaller cup so each time you need to head down to the kitchen, you get a bit more exercise in. If your house is anything like mine, then just be sure to ignore the piles of laundry when you do!

4. Walk during phone calls

If you are not on a video call, then why not get up and walk around the office or home while you’re on your next business call? Staying active can help make the tasks where you need to be sitting at your desk feel less burdensome and helps to reduce the amount of time you spend seated during the day. Walking might even help spur some fun new ideas for the call. Give this options a try next time you take a call and see how you feel!

How To Boost Employee Engagement in Remote Teams

Successful employee engagement is critical to workplace happiness and health. However, does an employee engagement strategy that works well for employees who see each other on a regular basis work as well in remote teams? Or do we need to rethink strategies when talking about virtual team engagement?

First, let’s define employee engagement. Employee engagement is made up of three different areas:

  1. Conditions for Engagement
  2. Engagement Opinions
  3. Employee Behaviors

Conditions for engagement includes factors like relationships with co-workers (77% importance given by employees), opportunities on the job to use skills and abilities (77%), and meaningfulness of their job (76%).

Engagement opinions includes confidence in meeting work goals (89%), determination to accomplish work goals (86%), and having a clear understanding of the company’s goal and mission (77%).

Finally, employee behaviors includes employees feeling encouraged to take action when they spot a problem (70%), quick adaptation to challenges (65%), and work teams never giving up in the face of tough times (64%).

The key takeaway is that employees want to be feel confident and valued in a strong company culture. Employees want strong relationships within the workplace, and want to know that each person on the team will be there through thick and thin. In a nutshell, your employees want to know you want them there, whether they all come into the office together every day or work from home as part of a remote team.

How do boost employee engagement for remote workers?

Here’s some good news: you are already off to a good start with your virtual workplace! Studies increasingly show that employees value the flexibility that work-from-home life offers. Other key ways to boost virtual employee engagement include trusting your team members to manage their time, clearly communicating metrics for success, providing regular feedback, and a whole host of things you can achieve with virtual team building.

Virtual team building hits on a variety of different ways to boost employee engagement. Employees want collaboration, communication, problem solving, creative thinking, authentic connections, gratitude and appreciation, a strong company culture, and accountability. The best online team building activities include many of these elements and can help infuse your remote workforce with these values your employees find crucial.

Team building with virtual teams connects your team members in unexpected ways. Some of the top virtual events even include fun “real world” packages that boost the gratitude and appreciation factor; others include fun professional skill development that will let employees feel invested in and valued with creative thinking and problem solving skills.

The best way to reap the rewards of these efforts is to make a frequent investment in your employees. We recommend hosting remote team building activities at least 4x per year. You can mix up the different events, choosing a fun event one time and then focus on professional development the next. We also advise sprinkling in some fun online team building games and free DIY remote team building activities throughout the year to keep the good vibes and authentic connections strong.

Virtual Management

Virtual management is a unique challenge. A manager who excels at keeping a team on task in a physical office may struggle with the adjustment to virtual management life. One of the key challenges for a manager in maintaining a productive remote team is keeping your remote workers on task, productive, and effective!

To combat the challenges that come with virtual management, we recommend investing in at least one of two different professional development seminars for virtual management. Both options work well for leaders with various degrees of virtual workforce experience, from 100% remote teams to new to working from home teams to managing global teams.

virtual management training

TeamBuilding.com offers several virtual management training options.

First, we love TeamBuilding.com’s seminar on how to manage a remote team called Working Without Pants. This online training program is designed for leaders of all levels who are new to working virtually or who want to refresh management skills and try a new approach to virtual management.

TeamBuilding.com’s seminar is led by professionals with years of work from home experience. Your leadership group will learn more about the best practices of virtual management. Areas in the seminar include goal setting to achieve maximum productivity, aligning on effective yet attainable remote work expectations, boosting retention, “trust and verify”, and how to manage successfully in a flexible environment. The seminar gives practical virtual team management tools. Choose to set up your virtual management training as a 90-minute workshop that covers the most important best practices in each area, or break the training into multiple sessions where your team will enjoy an in-depth exploration of each critical topic to better develop virtual management skills.

If you are looking for virtual management training that packs an even deeper punch, then consider virtual coaching. This coaching is meant to offer a deep dive into growing as a strong manager and works well for both in-person workplaces and 100% remote workplaces. Your leaders will learn empathetic and strong leadership skills. The program was built based on research and best practices from a variety of sources, including data science and analytics, organizational behavior, clinical psychology, and academia.

Your first coaching session kicks off with a Programmatic Leadership Evaluation, which is an assessment designed to learn more about current abilities, leadership skills, and the overall workplace health as a whole. From that, develop a personalized leadership development plan. Your managers will go through the leadership coaching with deadlines, assignments, and seminars, all designed to 10x virtual management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Team Building Edition

Do you have any lingering questions about the best ways to engage your remote team? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line with any questions and we are happy to respond.

What is the best virtual team building activity?

In our view, the best option is petri! petri allows your group to team build in a relaxed setting, with fun online team building games and activities. With petri, your coworkers can join pre-scheduled sessions as time permits and can participate in the events of most interest. petri is flexible, fun, and well-priced; we give it five stars!

Is virtual team building as effective as team building in person?

The short answer: yes! If you choose the right activities, then you’ll have just as much fun and see just as much of an impact on team bonding and relationships as you would with an in-person team building event.

What kind of tools do I need for virtual team building?

For all the virtual team building ideas on our list, the only items you’ll need are a strong Internet connection and, in the cases of virtual meetings and online team building games that require face-to-face interaction, access to a webcam. Otherwise, hosting activities should be quite simple without much required in the way of technology.


  1. Avatar
    Angela Abernathy

    I think an awesome team building event that could be done with remote teams is a virtual version of nailed it. An image of a small house or even a picture of a unicorn could be sent out to the team members. The team members have to re-create the image using whatever house hold stuff they can find. It can be food or non food. They can be as creative or simple as they want to be. Everyone will be notified of the event and be sent whatever they are to re-create a week in advance so they have time to plan and put together. During the event everyone will share their creation with the group. They can tell what they used and how long it took them to make it. After the sharing part the team can discuss what they liked about it and didn’t like about it. They can discuss if they had any help or worked solo. The team could discuss whether they think something like this is easier done as a team or working alone. The person that has the most similar re-creation wins a prize. Like movie tickets or a gift certificate.

  2. Avatar
    alysha brien

    I think dressing up as colleagues as a poke of fun is a great team building exercise that’s sure to bring in a lot of laughs. for example–

    “Sally on a night out”
    “Paul at the beach”

  3. Avatar
    Britton Tree

    Costumed Co-workers

    Get ready for a virtual Halloween party! We will send each employee a kit containing costume make-up, a large plastic bowl, an apple, miniature doughnuts, string, and candy. After the team votes on the scariest and the funniest costumes, the evening proceeds to bobbing for apples and doughnuts on a string through video-chat, and culminates with a real-life scary stories swap. Fun, laughs, and screams for the entire group.

  4. Avatar
    Jordyn Berndt

    Example of a team building activity:
    Virtual Murder Mystery Game!

    Each player will be given a character background to read up on before the game starts. The victim will be announced at the start of the activity and videos will be presented to provide clues to who murdered the victim!

  5. Avatar
    Paul Normand

    I say this with earnest. Playing Dungeons and Dragons is one of the best way to bond a group of players. Its essentially interactive story telling where the group decides where the story goes. Its a creative outlet for people who do not necessarily think they are creative. It also helps certain people who normally just hang back find a voice in a group. The best part is its free to play and can be done remotely.

  6. Avatar
    Michelle Bronsky

    Painting workshop – much like the Tea & Coffee or tiny campfire team building activities, after booking, the team is sent a small canvas, paint and a couple of brushes, then an instructor will guide them through recreating the chosen image.

  7. Avatar
    Michele King-McNany

    Creating Value – Building team members together to be a stronger team

    Start with a blank puzzle – 10-20 pieces per person.
    1 paper bag for the puzzle.

    1)Without putting your dept name down, create a picture of your dept. what it does, and what is important to you, or the task at hand. Be creative…with drawings…No words can describe your message – Goal to create value to your dept or position so others will understand what you do and how they might help you.
    2) Each person would break their puzzle up / put into bag
    3) Now put all the bags into a pile, mix them up …and then break into teams of 2 or 3
    4) Split the puzzles up by team so each team has 2-3 puzzles to put together. Now by team put the puzzles together, and list the dept / and message from each puzzle.
    5) Everyone shares their experience and enlightens everyone in working together in a more productive way.

  8. Avatar
    Brian Zoran

    A team building initiative that can be done remotely…Make Your Own Movie!!
    -Group of 10-30 people
    -recording equipment
    -Collectively create a storyline. Brainstorm an idea for what the movie is going to be about. Create a plot that builds to a climax and then concludes with all of the ebbs and flows in between.
    -Improvise the storyline and plot while recording.
    -Watch and share the finished product with each other with popcorn and snacks
    -Review the movie
    -Brainstorm about a sequel/other movie ideas

    ***Many more team building initiatives to come!! I have a book on team building aside to the ones I’ve created!!***

    Brian Zoran

  9. Avatar
    Katlyn Downing

    If you want your team to let their creative juices flowing and enter a fun little challenge. Let’s talk about the Pixel Art Challenge! You’ll use Google Sheets to color in the block to create the image you desire and split into teams to see which team can recreate the image. It’s fun and fast pace. No worries because we do have a free template already available so no stress! Just color and have fun.

  10. Avatar
    Kim Webb

    I think it would be great to see a team building activity that also gives back to our environment! Each team member could select a plant from a predetermined list of options, and then find a place in their yard or community to plant it. Make it a competition and see if team members can get other people in their community involved to plant as well! Ongoing updates on how the plants are thriving and an award for whose looks the best in a year sparks a bit of friendly competition.

  11. Avatar
    Andrew Tamburino

    Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    In this game, your remote team gets on a video call with one of our game masters. Our game master will have a list of common household items and as the list goes on the items will be more specific i.e color or brand. Each round the game master will call out an item and players will have to get up and run around the house to find the said object and bring it back to the screen. Prizes are designated for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place. whoever has the most items at the end wins.

  12. Avatar

    One example of a team building activity that you can do with remote teams is a movie night. Find a movie that is appropriate for your work demographic and stream the movie through a group video call, or find one that everyone has access to through a shared streaming application. Make sure that everyone is able to freely message the group through your conference platform, and everyone will be able to make comments and jokes, so they can bond while relaxing.

  13. Avatar
    Kathy Ferry

    Virtual team building is uniquely important right now. A Team Step Competition followed by virtual happy hour can keep teammates connected.

    The losing teams can create and name awards to be presented at the virtual happy hour.

  14. Avatar
    Doug Shell

    Everyone knows working from home means no office dress code, but the veteran stay-at-homers know there are sweatpants days as well as collar up top days and everything in between. A great first team building activity idea would be to invite everyone to plan on wearing the most quintessential “stay at home” outfit. After the group picks a favorite and runner up in three distinguished categories, we will take 15 minutes to break the ice and talk individually about our own unique work habits and how they best contribute to the team.

  15. Avatar
    Jason Wright

    My idea is to offer a virtual travel game for teams, where teams have to guess a location based on pictures shown by other teams. Starting out, teams will only show small portions of pictures. More of the picture would become available as the experience progresses. Guessing a location the earliest will be the objective.

  16. Avatar
    Ivan Avila

    Remote Team Building Idea:
    – Create Your Own Comic Book- aka “Super Heroes of the Work Force!”

    Each team member will choose a few different numbers, the numbers indicating different topics from 3 lists to compose their own comic book super hero.
    for example, a team member will choose 1, 5 and 10.
    each one giving them a super power, setting and sidekick to base their story off of.

  17. Avatar
    Jesse D Mercer

    though it would take a java or flash program to do so a great spin on an old method of team building could be done with a big of software to be used with remote teams.. give each team member or group of team members a puzzle when done remotely this could be an onscreen puzzle but each team gets a different puzzle though there is one piece that does not fit once the odd piece out is discovered they have to swap pieces with other teams however they cannot show the piece to the other members it must be described to see if it matches the hole the other team has.. make sure the missing pieces are spread in such a way that multiple trades must sometimes be made for everyone to complete their puzzle.

  18. Avatar
    Evgenia Norman

    A fun team game would be to take a deck of cards and a list of exercises for each face (push ups for spades, squats for hearts, etc.). At the end of team meetings, have one of the members pull a card out of the deck. If the card is 6 of spades, everyone in the team has to complete 6 push ups before signing off.

  19. Avatar
    Isabelle Brown

    A fun team building activity is a virtual scavenger hunt using a list of items that are sold at Staples. The first to return to the chat with all the required items wins.

  20. Avatar
    Shannon Beasley

    Ok one of my favorite past times is to share memes with my friends. So a great virtual team building activity is to create a meme board and have everyone else vote on the memes that were posted. Bragging rights are always fun, but prizes can make it even better.

  21. Avatar

    These days, we all know how important human connection is. During this time which most of us have spent in isolation, my friends and I have looked for creative ways to stay connected. Last week we had 12 people on a video chat and played a social deduction game called mafia (you can find the rules here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwJaNNV5KTE). I was the moderator so I sent out roles to each of the players and communicated with them through chat and over video. We all had a blast and forgot about our isolation for a while. I think this would make a great team-building exercise for remote teams since players on each side have to work together towards a mutual goal.

  22. Avatar
    Drew Newbold

    An example of a team building activity that we use is bingo.. I know sounds boring right? Not if you spice it up and make it specific to the roles and tasks of the team. We have a team that makes many outbound calls per day remotely and this can get grueling at times and if you know anything about outbound calling you will have some unusual conversations. To keep the team excited, committed and focused we made a game out of it with a Zoom call and bingo. We all connect in a Zoom conference call from where we calling from that day and with our list in hand we start calling. The bingo cards consist of things like “Completed 150 Dials”, “I just got cussed at” and “5 No’s Before Ending the Call”. When someone has a phone call that includes one of the bingo items they can check it off.
    The Zoom call helps everyone to feel connected like they are on the same mission and the bingo game adds some excitement and feeling of accomplishment to what can feel like a boring task. We also have a reward system in place that when someone gets bingo they receive points they can use towards swag or gift cards to restaurants or shopping.

  23. Avatar

    Bring your classic party games to life on screen. Develop a virtual version of a murder mystery where one of your co-wokers is the murderer and it’s up to the rest to be detectives. Create a modernized environment with backdrops that appear on screen with clues. Introduce a group chat feature and conduct on screen interviews to determine who done it!

  24. Avatar
    Tommi Sirignano

    I think a virtual charades game would be fun where you have teams and have to act out different thing that pertain to the work and the other team has to guess. The winning team gets a prize.

  25. Avatar
    Bianca Parra

    I think a great virtual game that would promote team building would be to do a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. For example, a list of items can be read off by one team leader, while others are encouraged to run around their house looking for the items. The person who returns the quickest with the most items from the list wins. This promotes working well under pressure and meeting deadlines in a prompt and timely manner all while having fun!

  26. Avatar
    Stephanie Tice

    I would love to do a virtual Cards Against Humanity (PG-PG-13 version of course) to help get everyone loosened up and to get to know each other a bit better. To some people, roleplaying games (while helpful with being able to think quickly) with people you don’t know can be daunting at times, so having a few laughs while getting to know one another can make things easier.

  27. Avatar
    joseph swearengin

    As a musician I find that I connect most with people through music. So a strong team building event, in my opinion, would be a virtual concert simplified down to the point where everyone could participate even with something as hitting a virtual kick drum or clapping their virtual hands.

  28. Avatar
    Lorri Whitehurst

    I think team building especially during this time is important. Look for ways to communicate without having to gather, they can have a family gathering separately through social media like Skype, Facebook, Instagram etc.

  29. Avatar
    Jenna Kloeckner

    I think it would be fun to add virtual karaoke! The words would be on the screen and would would be able to see who is singing. It would be fun, engaging and people may even get out of their seat and dance!

  30. Avatar

    A way to bring together a team could be through something where they can root each other on. One thing that could be a possibility is an ongoing step challenge. Each person would receive a pedometer which can share steps each day. There would be weekly prizes…but not just for the most steps because you want everyone to be able to win, so you could do most steps for the entire week, most positive change (%) from week to week, positive (%) change month to month, etc. By hosting a weekly video chat with everyone where winners for the week are announced, you would give faces to names, and live positive re-enforcement. With the health problems facing much of our country, this would give employees a reason to strive to improve their health as well!

  31. Avatar
    Ricardo Ochoa

    A team building activity I would do is from the health and fitness industry. Amount of steps in a day and weight loss in a month.

  32. Avatar
    Timothy A Parrish

    I would suggest an at-home scavenger hunt. Team members could collect common items in their home for introduction to the team. This team-building exercise would work as an ice breaker for team members while teaching diversity in the workplace.

  33. Avatar
    Lauren Graefe

    I personally love to cook and think it would be fun to get a group of people together through zoom with a chef for personalized instructions. It could be a simple dish, with ingredients sent beforehand. Everyone could learn how to make something new together then have a tasty snack to munch on afterwards!

  34. Avatar
    Kanani Keo

    One example of a team building activity you can do with a remote team would be fun a 30-day guns, buns, abs challenge together. Consisting of certain amount of squats, push-up, leg lifts for the whole entire month. This will motivate each other to complete our individually goal and as a whole team.

  35. Avatar
    Matthew Kruse

    Having each others back (metaphorically of course don’t want to get the “rona” lol) is more important now than possibly ever. Positive reinforcement for self and others is so important. Set goals, start small but move towards always growing keeping it achievable. That being said… Maybe a good ole fashioned card game or charades to get morals high 🙂

  36. Avatar

    Deserted Island

    Everyone is given the scenario that they are stranded on a deserted island with seven objects, but they can only choose three. Make these objects as obscure and strategic as possible so that members are challenged to really think and plan.

    It’s a great way to get to know one another, be creative and have fun!

  37. Avatar
    Alexandria Hunter

    A great team building activity would be Virtual Taboo! Now if you’ve never played Taboo with your friends or family you’re already missing out, but we won’t get into that now. Taboo is a card game similar to Scatagories or Catchphrase, where you have to get your team to say a word without saying that particular word or words that are dead giveaways (Example: if the word is “Car” you cant say driver, vehicle, or travel. And you definitely cannot say “Car”). You are split into two teams. While Team A goes, Team B keeps score. While its Team A’s turn, Team B is allowed to be shown the card so that they can hold Team A accountable of any slip-up (1 slip-up = 1 point for the opposing team). A different representative from each team will perform each turn and each player gets 1 minute to get through as many cards as they can. This would be a great way to bring the office closer by allowing similarities to lead to victories, in-side jokes to form, accountability to be taught, as well as learned, and challenge the sharpness of the brain.

  38. Avatar
    Betty Barnwell

    Great! Idea for team building is positive phrase tossing about other team members… gather your tiny balls and toss them away into donut holes. 6 donuts in a row will lay flat on the table while team members toss the tiny balls into the donut holes and release positive phrases about each other.

  39. Avatar
    Michaela Giorvas

    A really great team building idea is through a Zoom meeting where everyone on the team “passes the ball.” The person leading the meeting can “pass the ball” to another member and the receiver will pretend to “catch the ball” (they can hold their favorite ball or just use the imaginary one) and begin to talk about the thing they dread most about the day and come up with a creative idea to turn that experience around into a positive one (critiquing themselves). Then they can listen to 3 ideas from 3 different people on the team, in the order they choose (who logged on first, alphabetical order of name, etc.) about ways to make that responsibility of the role more enjoyable and effective.

  40. Avatar

    During the holidays, it would be fun to do team building exercises which revolved around the holidays. For example, during Christmas time each individual could do a gingerbread house. The gingerbread houses could be posted on the company website or social media pages. The individuals following the company could vote on which one they like best. This will help the teams to have healthy competition which will boost moral for the company.

  41. Avatar

    I think a great team building exercise is the Houseparty app. It is a great way for remote video conference calls, on this app they have trivia games and each individual is scored making it competitive. There is also pictionary, draw the object provided by the app and let the other guess the correct answers.

  42. Avatar

    I’ve always enjoyed a team building exercise when it includes company or product knowledge. This will challenge the team to use their collective knowledge and communicate as one. I am a military man, so I would revolve it around a mission. You can lay out a mission that is company specific and then split the group into two or three person teams. They will be required to answer questions to take over the Headquarters. The other teams will be trying to kick them out and then answer a second question to take over. The team that holds the headquarter the longest, is the winner!!

  43. Avatar
    Mark Toole

    A virtual cooking competition would be a great team building challenge. Everyone records a video of themselves cooking a favorite recipe at home, and then the team all votes on a few categories like best presentation (food), best video, which sounds the most delicious. You could also have one or more professional chefs rate the videos on the same criteria and make suggestions to improve the dishes next time.

    Everything but the tasting!

  44. Avatar
    Ben Ludwig

    Team move sessions!

    Hire a trainer or fitness professional to conduct a meditation, stretching, or (if team is able) a full workout session. Nothing builds community like working together towards a goal. Nothing will bring your team closer together than health and wellness as well as creating productivity!

  45. Avatar

    An exercise program would be great, not only for health but for energy and alertness. An exercise schedule could be drawn up and the team members could get together and talk about the exercises. Like how much they did. If they felt the burn. People could also suggest new exercises to add to the program. Even throw yoga and other stretches out there as suggestions. Ultimately we would all be healthier physically and mentally as it opens doors to communicating with one another and potential friendships could be created.

  46. Avatar

    A team building activity that you can do with remote teams could be a game of BINGO. Each team member could be sent a BINGO board and in the squares they have to write about either an event that has happened at work or a scenario that typically occurs within the work hours. The host would have access prior to the event of the squares that the team members wrote to call out during the activity. The prize could be creative or adventurous like a vacation or something as simple as a gift card.

  47. Avatar
    Daniella Titone

    My idea for a virtual team building activity would be an online DIY Escape the Room! It sounds difficult online but here’s how it would work. First, the event host will download a Play at Home Escape Kit that both parties will choose online from Lock Paper Scissors, Escape Room Kits by contacting them online via facebook or email. Once the themed Escape Room Kit is printed out then both parties can solve the puzzle together and then celebrate with props in the background as well as an at home photo booth.

  48. Avatar
    Rafaela Orlando

    A fun and interactive remote team building activity I would love to implement is called “pulling my leg”. Team members will be asked to write down 5 facts/stories about their life or childhood but one of them is a lie. Each member will have a turn to try and guess which ones are true and which one is the lie. This activity will help team members learn more about each other and also help them maybe find things out they have in common that they didn’t know about. They will be surprised and find out things about each other they never expected. This activity is also great for members that are more reserved to have a chance to connect with their team.

  49. Avatar
    Donovan Jones

    A potential remote team building activity that could be cool would be to have a virtual dance off, and the winner could decide a new temporary workplace policy i.e, pajama day, costume day, etc.

  50. Avatar
    Trisha M Wheeler

    I think a fun team building activity would be Sock Puppet Improv. A story line with a basic script is provided loosely based on the type of business the company provides. Each person uses a sock puppet and acts out their part of their script with lots of fun improv.

  51. Avatar
    Heather Douglass

    Team Building Telephone.
    One team member starts with a message, verbally, not written.
    Only positive and silly messages, no negativity. Tongue twisters and best used.
    It is passed one privately and verbally from one team member to the other.
    It can either be done it one sitting, or it couple be extended over a days time.
    Member A speaks the message at 9 to member B. Member B then has to remember, can not write, and verbally pass the message to Member C at 10.
    Final member must type the response and email to the group.

  52. Avatar
    Aaron Y

    On the lam, colleagues would screen shot a photo of their face using a phone or laptop. Using art or a photo editor the participant would draw glasses, mustache, facial accessories, hats, and tattoos to disguise their identity.

    The team members would distribute their photo and their colleagues would vote on who’s who. The team member with the most incorrect votes would win.

  53. Avatar
    Anastasia Sterba

    A great team building activity for virtual zoom…. “Social fun fact hour” (snacks could be provided, maybe some pretzels, chips, popcorn, snack size bags, candies) Mail everyone snack goodie boxes a week before. Include a card invitation to the Zoom Social fun fact hour meeting (set for about 1 week out) Date, and time, and details bring the snacks and notepad and pen ) Small note pad with pen can be in their goodie box! Note pads can be fun, send silly pens (think back to the crazy hair pens, or company logo pens.)
    At the start of the zoom, you have everyone write 5 or 10 facts about themselves, that may or may not make them unique from other’s on the team. Fun facts, or serious, anything they want each other to know about them.
    First person goes, and each team member writes down their name so example: Ana starts, and everyone else writes Ana then lists her fun facts on the paper. and so on….
    After everyone has told their fun facts, you all compare all these facts about everyone and go through the list and see if anyone has listed a fun fact about themselves that made them Unique and no one else has that listed as a fun fact. Great way for everyone to get to know a little something about each other. If there is a very Large group it could be broke into smaller groups. (as a time saver) and then break into other smaller groups another time so that everyone get’s to know fun facts about all their team! A great way for people to also start to build friendships.

  54. Avatar
    Deanna Dean

    A great virtual teambuilding activity would be a music lyric competition. Give the group a theme. (For example: the word light.) Ask each person to write down as many songs with the word LIGHT in it that they can think of in 2-5 minutes. Instruct that they MUST be able to sing the lyric when presenting their list of songs. Once time is up ask everyone to sing their answers. If a song is mentioned on the list, mark it off. The person with the most unmarked song titles wins!

  55. Avatar
    Mary Schweiker

    I think a great team building activity that can be conducted remotely is a Jeopardy style trivia game. Categories could be customized to pertain to the specific business that is utilizing the service or they could just be fun and random. It is easy to step up a Jeopardy style trivia game utilizing Microsoft Powerpoint and the organizer can share their screen while running the program. The only caveat would be how people answer the questions fairly. I suggest participants type their answers into the chat portion of the zoom meeting and whoever sends a message first wins the points, unless they are wrong that is. This would cut down on noise and people talking over each other in meetings. For larger groups, I suggest creating teams which can be done in zoom also.

  56. Avatar
    Jennifer M

    I’ve always been fascinated by personality tests, and one I particularly love is the Enneagram test!
    A fun virtual game might involve each employee taking the test ahead of time at https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/. Each employee could guess their co-workers type and then discuss their own results. It’s so fun and interesting to see which types work best together and which relationships might need a little work. The insight into each personality type gives info on what makes that person tick and fosters a unique understanding that can help deepen and strengthen the
    co-worker relationship.

  57. Avatar
    Michelle Tran

    A great remote team building activity could be a small candle building kit! Similar to Tiny Campfire, everyone would receive a small jar with candle making material and they can work together to help make their own candle together and talk about times where something or someone has “lite up their life” in some way. This can help build a personal and relatable connection and once their candles are complete they can use it while their working to remember the memories of making this with their team and helps streghten their bond! This would be an ever giving gift as most small candles have a burn time of 24 hours!

  58. Avatar
    Nick Arcia

    A virtual team building activity I would do is a scavenger hunt. I would come up with a list of house hold items you can find around the house. An example of this would be a cup, spoon, soap, book, pillow etc. Who ever comes back to the screen with all the items first wins.

  59. Avatar

    A great team building activity is Back to Back drawing. Divide up teams into groups of two. Put the members that aren’t familiar with each other or that do not have the best communication skills as others with one who has great comm. skills together. You give them each two pieces of blank paper sitting back to back. One person has 2 minutes to draw something. Keep in mind the person sitting to their back is going to mimic that same drawing without looking. After the first two minutes are up the second two minutes start and the person who did the first drawing will explain only with shapes and directions to their partner to draw. Compare drawings after its over. Shows communication and listening skills.

  60. Avatar
    Natalie Herrington

    I think an interesting virtual team building activity would be a virtual confessions jar. Using an anonymous platform such as whisper or a company-provided anonymous site for submissions, users will be told that they can submit confessions they are willing to have anonymously shared with the group. The group will then meet online and discuss several confessions that are relevant to the group and may start conversation.
    The purpose of this activity is twofold. First, it encourages employees to feel more connected to each other in a remote digital environment, thus boosting teamwork and productivity. Second, it helps to alleviate stress and tension on employees by allowing them to anonymously share their troubles.

  61. Avatar
    Madeleine de Lannoy

    A great team building activity to complete virtually would be custom Mad-Libs.
    Each person designs a Mad-lib prompt with a specified number of each blank noun/verb/adjective.
    Then as a group, the team chooses a list of words to fill the specified amount of blanks.
    Each member then takes turns reading a completed Mad-lib with the group’s words and engages in conversation about each short story.

  62. Avatar
    Terry Hook

    YES! I mistakenly made up a game the other night while on zoom with my friends! I literally just grabbed my sons Dinosaur Toy, held it up, and said “You son of B****, you did it”. My friend yelled Jurassic Park! That started a chain of events that I could not stop even if I tried. Some of the greatest moments consisted of a friend of mine popping off screen, then popping back up with a curly wig on singing that Russian song from Mrs. Doubtfire LOL (My face legitimately hurt after that)! For 40 minutes straight, we would hold up random household items, and begin speaking in voices, tones, or acting out some of our favorite movie scenes. My favorite one was a quote from the movie “The interview”
    Dave Skylark: Get that goat! Get that Goat! I have some questions for that goat! (I may have spit out my drink on my computer screen at that point). I guess it’s a random take on Charades, but it was so much more than that!

  63. Avatar
    Jennifer Becher

    A fun oldie but goodie, Virtual Mad Libs. Simple but fun. Can be for 2 to 4 members in a group to create a “Mad Libs” story from scratch, a specific topic and/or outlining the company community.

  64. Avatar
    Jessica Greelis

    I think a great team building activity is to find a fun DIY craft project. You would ship each team member a box of what is needed to make the craft project and a few fun extras so they can make it there own. Maybe even send each person a different mix of extras. You can also send the instructions and the link to the video that shows you how to make it. Once everyone has completed it they can present it to the group for comments and that the top 3 win a little prize. The possibilities for the type of DYI craft are endless. This is a good activity to show everyone’s personality with how each person chooses to decorate it.

  65. Avatar
    Anubia Smith

    I believe that creating and sharing positivity manifests positivity, I would definitely suggest a ten minute morning reflection just to speak on the positive things going on and to speak positivity into each team member. Follow up with self hugs (don’t knock these, they can be amazing!) and allow each team member to meditate for another 10 minutes. I feel this will help everyone set the pace for their day and creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

  66. Avatar
    Daniel Rosen

    The Pesto Project
    Items to the Shipped: Basil seeds, bag of soil, a planter
    Tips are encouraged to be shared to increase growth (With winner for most leaves/tallest/greenest etc).
    Weekly pictures can be taken to track progress and encourage participation.
    Then after a few months a chef can help participants turn homegrown basil into pesto.
    The objective being to help employees feel a connection to their coworkers and feel empowered to grow more of their own food.

  67. Avatar
    Brad B.

    Virtual Mad Libs.

    Each person submits a noun, verb, and an exclamation. It is populated to a story into a hilarious story about how the boss made a mistake in payroll and the entire company is now getting paid in pesos. The story takes an unexpected twist when the boss opens the company peso exchange. 3 pesos can buy you a quesadilla or a bar of soap.

    Laughter is the best may to build memories on a team. The whole team works together to create this story.

  68. Avatar
    Delaney Theilman

    Virtual Cupcake Decoration Recreation Contest!
    A.) Teams will receive baked cupcakes and the necessary decoration tools. They will also see an image of a beautifully created, themed cupcake. (Monster Madness, Crazy Clowns, the Unforgiving Unicorn, etc.) The teams will be tasked with recreating the beautiful cupcake with the tools at hand.
    B.) Teams will receive the same tools. In this alternative, the teams will pair off and one partner will describe how to decorate the cupcake while the other partner doctorates it… blindfolded! This could help build communication. It will also be a messy blast of fun!

  69. Avatar
    Karen Merritt

    I think a great team building activity would be a 10,000 a day steps challenge or 25 sit ups a day, etc. We all need to stay fit and healthy to be at our very best and this promotes accountability and camaraderie. Please don’t think this would be easy for everyone-we all have different levels of fitness within us.

  70. Avatar

    A great team building exercise, especially in today’s current environment, is virtual “happy hour”. Every Friday, the entire company logs in via Zoom, and starts with every person recognizing their greatest achievement they accomplished during that respective week. Whether it is completing the budget for this year’s conference or closing 5 deals, everyone can contribute something worth noting and sharing. Once the first brave individual gets their accomplishment out to the rest of the team, the conversations, moral boosters, and energy will sky rocket throughout the entire company; which in turn makes the culture a place you never want to leave. Enabling employees to feel as if they are a part of not only a team, but a part of the overall success of the company will keep them happy and will keep them on board for the long run.

  71. Avatar
    Karinne Hannah

    After being online schooled for two years, I feel as if I know the challenges associated with being on your computer every day and one of these would be, being so distracted you forget to eat! A fun team-building exercise would be a virtual cooking show and a following who-made-the-best-looking-food contest. These foods would have to be easy to see and served on a plate so each member could show the chef the plate they made. The possibilities with this activity are endless but how would it work? A member with culinary experience would be designated as the “chef” This chef would read out the directions to make the meal but would give the team creative freedom with how to make their dish. This could be sandwiches, decorating little cakes or cookies, pizzas, anything with multiple steps and ingredients would be good for this activity and the ingredients would be sent to them a week prior to the event. At the end of the food making session, the chef chooses a winner based on how good it looks, or on the creativity of the design. This could teach people how to make quick snacks from home but would also be a fun thing for people to do together and show each person’s creativity. Before the activity, there can be questions about which part of the pizza they feel they represent and why, favorites foods, and the like. Then the team precedes to make their foods, get judged, and everyone has fun eating their (hopefully delicious) edible creations.

  72. Avatar
    Cedric Henderson

    One good group activity that I think works well even remotely a game where people are split into two groups. Normally you separate into different rooms, but in this case you create a separate chat, video or otherwise. The task is you vote red or black. If you vote red and the other team votes black, you gain a point they lose a point. Vote Red-Red, you both lose 2 points. Vote Black-Black you gain 3. The goal is to get the highest amount of points. This is an effective game that puts in perspective how much you are really playing for yourself of others.

  73. Avatar
    Zakiya Lockett

    Question Head

    How it works is one person starts off the game with a question. The next person would then have 10 seconds to answer in a question. The first person to say or state a statement will be out until there is one left standing. EASY right? All the questions are off the top of your head. So you better think fast before the question hits your head!

  74. Avatar
    Anthony Trujillo

    One example of a team building activity you can do with remote teams would be starting a group chat online, whether it be via slack or a social media outlet, where fellow employees can share office related videos, pictures and or memes. This is a fun activity that is sure to boost at-home “office” morale during these trying times.

  75. Avatar
    Darcy Dauderis

    Team building virtually building a “power playlist” –team members bring their selection for the playlist. Something that inspires them, keeps them focused or is their dance break during the day. Depending on the size of the group, you could have multiple selections from each person. Each team member “sells” their selection(s) to the team. Why they love it and how it speaks to them…why their song(s) should be part of the team’s “power playlist”. After the mini presentation of each song – and possible interpretive dance – the team deliberates and curates the playlist. This could include not only choosing the songs, but also queueing up the order and flow of the playlist. The “power playlist” can act as an icebreaker for a newer team (or the newer members of the team) and an ongoing way to share. (Picture “Power Playlist Q2 2020”, “Power Playlist Holiday Edition”, or “Power Playlist Growth Grooves”)

  76. Avatar
    Robert chi

    Taking online classes has given me the ability to work remotely. The most interesting part is when we share ideas. We usually engage in remote activities such as sharing cultural differences and playing some games such as puzzles and cultural cooking.

  77. Avatar
    Markeith Woods

    A great teambuilding exercise would be to recreate a historical renaissance painting. The goal would be to see the painting and dress up using anything around the house to recreate the pose, colors, objects, and scene in the painting. I believe this would be a great way for people to learn about paintings and see how creative people can get without having to paint.

  78. Avatar

    I believe a good group activity ultimately depends on the type of company, and team. For example an idea for new people joining a team in the workplace, an Icebreaker game would be perfect. Having multiple teams split up, and within each individual team, have those team members discover 5 things in common. Such as what sports they played, how many countries/states have they visited. etc..

    The goal of the game is whichever team has found the most similarities between each other first, wins, but you could have it be within a certain time frame. After that, you split up teams and play again.

    Another idea, one I have personally done and loved. Was when my supervisor handed out papers in a meeting, each with pictures of tools. Tools such as gasoline, weapons, first aid kits, water, etc.. and told us each picture/tool was $100, and we had $500 to spend on what we would want if there was a zombie apocalypse. This brought my team and I together figuring out how we could put our minds together and multiple pieces to achieve one goal.

    With this activity my supervisor incorporated it int our everyday life at work, with helping customers get everything they need from us as a company. So they could maximize their business, which helped us with sales.

  79. Avatar

    Let’s create the most extreme Kentucky Durby hat using only 5 items Found around house or office with only 20 minutes to create! But every item in the hat has to mean something personal. A great conversation piece and the winner wears the hat throughout the call / office day.

  80. Avatar

    A fun remote team activity could be Anagrams where everyone writes down the same letters and a timer is set. The team has to put together as many words as they can with the letters and time given. It could even be as simple as solving a riddle or playing charades. The possibilities are endless.

  81. Avatar
    Jeff Jacobs

    I think a great virtual team building exercise that is fun, competitive, and professionally related would be a business plan competition. Take any random vertical and identify the biggest pain point within that business vertical, and create a quick business plan proposal that alleviates this pain point best. Break out into two teams in their own separate virtual chats for 20 minutes, then all join back together in the main virtual chat to square off in the business plan competition! Winner gets a prize. There needs to be incentive!

  82. Avatar
    Kelsey Coates

    A tried and true team-building exercise that can be continuously adapted is Show and Tell. Themes such as a favorite coffee mug, are a great way to learn about coworkers, grow as a team, and share some laughs. It can also be adapted to be more of a scavenger hunt if the team is given a certain amount of time to find/prepare their show and tell item. The activities are always enjoyable, are often even more successful online than in an office due to items that can be found in one’s home, and can require as few or as many materials as available. Always a winner in my book!

  83. Avatar
    Amber Valentine

    I think it would be fun to learn personal information about your virtual team and play a game with it. There could be an online questionnaire for each team member to fill out with questions like “what is the most daring or risky thing you have ever done?” or “What is your most embarrassing memory?” I also recommend a few spaces for members to write their own funny or interesting facts about themselves. Then the leader picks the three most interesting from each person and puts them in a hat. I think it would be fun to set it up like a game show and have a contest to see who can score the highest by guessing who each fact is about. When you guess right you get a point and who ever has the most points when all the facts have been read, wins! This way you are learning fun facts about each other, having a few laughs, and there is a little competition too!

  84. Avatar
    Laura Moll

    A great team building activity is an usually one that encompasses all needs and abilities, lets the team be comfortably vulnerable and gives them an opportunity to share their personal side, and maybe even be a bit silly. A great example would be to host a virtual escape room, in which the teams had a series of clues to “get out” of the room. The teams would have to share their screens based on clues and information provided by the host. Collaboration, and personal experiences would be integrated into the team building activity.

  85. Avatar
    Madison Doyle

    A great team building exercise might be to do a type of virtual escape room. Obviously, since many of the members would be working at home, there wouldn’t actually be a room to escape but they could be presented with a prompt that they would all have to work through to escape the virtual room. In person, escape rooms are a fun and popular team building exercise and I’m sure it would translate quite well for virtual teams. Additionally, each team could divide and play to each individual team members\ strengths to earn a form of recognition.

  86. Avatar
    Tyler Benson

    A great team building activity for remotes teams is to get out and have a call while everyone is on a walk outside. Not only does this promote health and exercise, it also activates creativity. Being the team is remote, there is a good chance the team members will live in different areas of the country. This will create a good opportunity to flip the camera around and the individual who is in Florida can show the team members from the Midwest a palm tree. Or the individuals in the Midwest can show the team member in Florida a corn field. Gives people a chance to see things they don’t see everyday.

  87. Avatar
    Connor Boss

    A murder mystery or clue style game via Zoom call would make for a fun and engaging team building activity. A teambuilding.com facilitator would notify the culprit before the game and once the activity began, the facilitator would present the pseudo character whose mysterious death the team is trying to solve.

    Each team member will have been given a card they are to read aloud from which will explain details of their character and all the events they partook in the day of the murder. Some players will have great alibis and others will have questionable ones. Throughout the game, each player will have one chance to question another player to help determine their ultimate choice, but can earn additional opportunities to question players by winning challenges throughout the activity. At the end of the game, the facilitator will give everyone a chance to reveal who they think is guilty.

  88. Avatar
    Kinley Lakelyn Childress

    I have 3 ideas:

    One is a T-Shirt design activity where each person puts down ideas for a new company t-shirt and we try out ideas, narrow it down and build one up together for 90 minutes (p.s. I graphic design and that would be a needed asset in this activity, or someone with some sort of computer/art skill). You can extend this to other products as well.

    The second is a macrame class.

    The third is improv night where each person must participate in one game. It’s about acting and connecting. One game is called “bench” where 2 people pretend to be on a bench and the person on the left tries to make the person on the right off the bench, then they “slide down” and the next person joins. You do this until each person has been in both parts of the bench. With rules of improv, this is an easy and functioning activity- I have seen many times.

  89. Avatar
    Patricia Daneke

    A great team building exercise would be to do a surprise mystery celebrity candy box! You play as if it were “ what’s in the box” with 4-6+ people. Each person has to describe their candy impersonating a celebrity without naming the candy. For example, Johnny Depps candy box would come with items from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Every person has to act as their celebrity with their candy box. It’s up to the rest of the group to decipher what celebrity they are based off the candy they received and the actor they are playing! People also have to guess what kind of candy that person has! It could also be celebrities in sports. Sports could be color coded candies, such as green for the Jets football team. Depending on whether or not the business is involved with sports of course. Overall this could be a fun activity for the office to dress up and receive candy which is a good motivator and reinforcer!

  90. Avatar
    Amber Ortiz

    A fun team building activity would be to take a work selfie with coworkers aka pets. The person with the laziest coworker wins. Or we could have online training’s for each individual about company policies and have each person train what they’ve learned and have hidden words that they say to see if anyone picks up the pattern on the word they are using that has nothing to do with what they are training. Who ever catches it first wins. (that one be hard not to laugh while doing it). Another idea would be to send an item to all coworkers and everyone has to guess what it is used for or what it is. Everyone would have to put their minds together to come up with ideas on what it could be.

  91. Avatar
    Patrick Hill

    As an ice-breaker and team-building exercise prior to beginning a meeting that requires serious brain power, warm up with this game. Split the group into two teams. Then explain how they each have to build half of a bridge with the materials provided (legos or kinex). At the end, the bridges should be similar in design and connect. The trick is the teams cannot see what each has built, so they’ll have to rely on verbal communication. Remember to set the room up first and place the partitions, etc. to divide them. Also, provide the same number of items to each team. In terms of timing, give them 10 minutes to come up with a design, and 30 minutes for building. The debrief is discussing the dymanics of how teams made the decisions they did, how members interacted, and the results.

  92. Avatar
    Jocelynn Artis

    Being that my fiancé is currently attending college for computer animation and game design it’s safe to say that we are a big gaming household. That being said what better thing to do from a remote location than to play games. Some that come to mind are Mario Kart, Fortnite, and Uno if we are talking purely entertainment and joy purposes. There are also games like Cards Against Humanity, Scribblio, and Never Have I Ever that are available in a digit format that encourage story telling and sharing things with one another to encourage team building, bonding, and development as well as getting to know one another.

  93. Avatar
    Victoria Linch

    I think a great team building event activity would be to do a virtual timed scavenger hunt. This can be holiday themed as well. Each person will receive the scavenger hunt list where they will have to collect each item on the list within a certain time frame. Login to a virtual meeting room online to start, explain the details and rules. Each member must report back by the time the timer goes off with all objects collected from the hunt. Do a “show and tell” of certain objects to see how different – or alike, each person’s object is. Get the team laughing with some off the wall objects to find!

  94. Avatar

    A team building I would recommend is an online rendition of the game “Werewolf” it is a game based on two team working together as discretely as possible doing everything they can to sabotage the enemy team without revealing their position within the game. This game is primarily psychological and lots of communication happens throughout it.

  95. Avatar
    Saeeda Hussain

    I think a good team building exercise is one that has been tailored to fit the type of people you have working with you. A quick survey that they can fill out beforehand might be extremely helpful in determining whether your chosen activity will be a hit or not.

    That said, personally I’m a huge fan of traditional “game night” type activities. For example, I love Scattergories, and it would be a fairly easy game to move to a virtual setting. The category “cards” can just be emailed out beforehand and an online randomizer can choose the letter. Teams and a fun prize will amp up the competition and help in building relationships.

  96. Avatar
    Eric Smith

    A neat and fun virtual team building exercise might look like this. In a group of eight or ten individuals participating on a Zoom or like platform, must answer pre-determined questions that are programmed in the game. These questions and topics are tailored on to what the host would like to see brought to light. Correct answers are judged by the opposition. This not only encourages working as a team, but also allows everyone to learn from each other.

  97. Avatar
    Ashon Randall

    Fun and productive team building exercise I’m calling “How To”.
    The concept is pretty simple! Everybody in the world has some sort of skill they can do. The goal of this exercise will be for each member of a team to each the rest of the team how to do something via video chat. Think of it like a live How To video like the millions of them you can see on YouTube. Team members can each take about 5-10 minutes on their tutorial, and should try to pick the most unique skill they can do. It can be cooking snack, a quick DIY project, maybe an acrobatic trick. Whatever the participants want to demonstrate and teach. It’ll be a good time watching everybody try to learn something they’ve never done before and some people may even leave with a new skill!

  98. Avatar

    One example of a team building activity you can do with remote teams is taking a personality test such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). This activity can range from 20-30 minutes, depending on the types of questions/discussions the facilitator wants to conduct following the completion of the assessment. All that the participants will need is a link to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. My favorite is from: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test. The facilitator will provide the link to each team member and allow time for them to take the assessment. Those who finish early, can use the time to review their results. After each person in the team has completed the assessment, the facilitator will ask each person to share their results and their thoughts on their results. Then, the facilitator can help the team members understand how their results relate to themselves as individuals and as a part of the team. The discussion can be a good opportunity for the team to learn about each other and how they can solve conflicts, work with each other’s strengths, and lift each other up.

  99. Avatar
    Steven Larner

    I’d like to see an activity involve art and creativity. It would help co-workers to feel more comfortable with each other because it’s more engaging and lets people open up. I propose the idea of painting. Depending on how big the team is, the choices could be divided. Choices like who paints what, what colors and brushes are used, or is it a blank canvas or someone’s previous work. For a fully virtual experience, the use of art programs can be used, such as MS Paint, Krita, and Paint Tool Sai. I believe this sort of group activity can help build trust and confidence.

  100. Avatar
    Emily Broberg

    A great team building activity would be Virtual Mad Libs. Every person contributes verbs/nouns/adjectives and the final “story” would be about the organization and team members as a whole. It would likely end up silly and entertaining :o) If it is broken out into teams, employees can vote on which is best, most silly, etc.

  101. Avatar
    Erin Richey-Daynes

    Virtual Karaoke would be a great way to build team morale! Utilizing a livestreaming singing platform similar to Twitch Sings would be perfect for this type of virtual team building. While it can be nerve wracking to sing in front of other people, when done in a silly and lighthearted way, it can be very bonding and fun! You might learn that one of your coworkers is actually in a band or did show choir in high school. I know that I would personally enjoy doing this with my co-workers!

    References: (https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/an-introduction-to-twitch-sings?language=en_US)

  102. Avatar
    Shane El

    There are tons of games online and via app. In training for a hosting company we had to come up with a team building activity we can do in and out of class. We broke down in groups of 3 and each group presented their idea for the team building activity for the class and the one with the most thought out presentation and likes, won. Our group proposed Clash Of Clans (COC) as the platform for our team building activity because of the “team like” functionalities that were usable while physically in class and virtually as it did not require any additional accommodations. Our team building activity won and each trainee built a base and our trainer built our clan for us to all join. All 21 trainees actively participated and until this day I still interact with 9 people from our original training class on this platform. The idea took hold within our company too and dozens of people built bases and several departments built clans, and we all interacted virtually. I made human connections with people in the company I wouldn’t have made a connection otherwise without virtual team building activity.

  103. Avatar
    Diane Crawford

    Welcome to The Office!
    The team would create and write the script of their own production of “The Office” or “Seinfeld”. We have all been in day-to-to situations in our work environments where we felt like we were starring in an episode of The Office or Seinfeld. The workshop would be to write a script for one of those shows, based on experiences each team member has had in real-world work situations. The team would write a script based on conceivable remote-team work dilemmas that may arise. The process entails critical thinking and the method establishes comaridity between the team members who most likely have experienced the same sort of thing. The solutions as scripted would offer validation and would have a therapeutic effect and offer team-bonding exercises. Most importantly, is the step-by-step resolution provided by building out a script, producing examples of solutions while getting some good laughs along the way. In addition, it offers the opportunity to practice conflict resolution, best practices, team spirit and productivity skills through creative production.

  104. Avatar
    Tabitha Marshall

    I like the idea of virtually turning an office into an escape room that is designed around each clients own company or even office. This helps a team work together to accomplish one goal, which is escaping. Finding key items in their office, using them to figure out the next clue, overcoming obstacles and breaking free! This could include any and everything from riddles that need to be solved, putting a puzzle together, finding tools that will allow them to move to the next part. Each team member has to participate and they all have a big reward at the end to celebrate a victory.

  105. Avatar
    Annye Doyle

    A great team event idea I thought it would be crazy hair day! Let’s do something with our hair whether it’s some color, maybe some office supplies sticking out of my hair let’s express ourselves! Maybe put red hair with dates of deadlines that could show you are stressed…. or some post it notes of questions you want to ask! I want everyone to feel like they can speak their mind and be creative with themselves feel wild and free 🙂 my goal for this event is to never be afraid to express yourself as long as it’s a respectable manor!

  106. Avatar
    Celeste Grimmett

    One really cool team-building exercise can be a virtual two truths one lie. It helps you get a rounded character of the person you are working with as well as many other ideas!

  107. Avatar
    Alicia Berrios

    A great idea for a team building activity for a remote team would be a traveling game. People get to choose one country (it could be the one they are currently stationed at). Each person will make a presentation on the chosen country about everything they know regarding the culture, religion, lifestyle, unique holidays, food, etc.

  108. Avatar
    Michael Provinzino

    A fun team-building option for keeping teams engaged and spirits high.
    Option 1 – 2 team Game – Virtual “Would I lie To you?”
    Two teams compete against each other. The teammates reveal unusual facts and embarrassing stories about themselves — some true, some not. The opposing team must determine what is true and what is made up after a story or fact is told. The guessing team will be able to ask questions for a set amount of time. A team gains a point for correctly guessing the validity of the opposing team’s story. If a team guesses incorrectly, the team that told the story gets the point. – The losing team has to face a small punishment next group call?

  109. Avatar
    Shawn Conley

    Hello, I have done some team building activities in the past at different employers, and while in scouting. The one’s I really enjoyed were based around a survival situation such as a plane crashing in the woods in winter time, or being stranded on a boat with other people. In all the scenarios I have seen there is a list of supplies which is usually limited, and the team has to decide together which items are most important and least important and why. It was very interesting to me to not only learn which items were recommended but also why. For example, in the plane crash scenario two items were a gun and alcohol. And while both have some useful attributes, it was pointed out that if someone were to drink too much and have access to a gun that could be dangerous. Best of all I enjoyed going through the process of discussing and negotiating as a group to decide which things were best. I found it interesting to hear others reasons for selecting some items and not others.
    Overall I very much appreciated the team building exercises because of how they allowed us to get to know each other better in a fun and creative way.

  110. Avatar
    Miguel R Roncal

    Superhero challenge
    -You have 5 minutes to gather what you need to dress up or embody your favorite superhero/superheroine. You would use everyday items and no actual costumes. To avoid repetition and encourage spontaneity, we will provide a list prior to the start of the challenge. Just before the challenge starts, we release the list and they each pick one just moments before they dress up. Everyone guesses who you are and you must stay in character for the entire challenge. Once everyone’s in costume, they brainstorm how to better the company by using their own unique superpowers! No winners, just fun.

  111. Avatar
    Donica Allen

    Virtual Kahoot games based on a recent product or company training or new product launch or release. This can be set by the trainers or admin staff. There can be assigned teams or everyone gets to pick which team they would like to be apart of it and on the main virtual conference screens the virtual teams can see who is in the lead and who is ranking during the game and for the final play. It is really fun, interactive and allows for learning while testing knowledge, also has that slight competitive edge.

  112. Avatar
    Sherry Miller

    I’m all about Escape Rooms! Each participant receives a box that contains the entire game. If you have done an escape room or have tried the “at home” version this is very clear. You have 1 hour to solve clues, riddles and puzzles and escape the scenario (you can choose any theme you’d like-customize it to the company, department, city, etc.). Players can either work together as a large group or be split up into teams and have “like boxes” so they can work together as a team. Communication, team work and problem solving is key. 🙂

  113. Avatar
    Julia Ehrlich

    Remote Zumba classes would be a fun teambuilding exercise for remote companies or in person. This can easily be set up through a zoom conference and will allow people to do the same motions, helping people bond over a workout. It is cost affordable and easy to access for most companies due to the pandemic scenario that has been happening in today’s society. Doing a remote Zumba class will help everyone bond and establish a connections of a fun time where they all did remote Zumba together and making world-class memories.

  114. Avatar
    Chase Pollard

    Cast Away
    Consist of 8-30 people

    In this activity, we will break into 2-3 teams, depending on size of group. The name of the game is survival. Each of team with get to select 3 out of 12 strategic survival items. The teams discuss the importance of each item and collectively choose their items for survival. Once the items are chosen, all teams will get on Zoom to discuss the items they choose and why. After the teams make their explanations we will go through a series of “Events” (pre-made scenarios to effect the chosen items). These events can diminish items, cause loss of items, but also can provide benefits for your team.

    This exercise will teach team members excitement within the team, healthy competition, problem solving, and communication. Also, the game will demonstrate how working together can bear better results, while also teach members how to collaborate in a virtual setting.

  115. Avatar
    Tammera Carter

    I am all about giving back to the community and giving back to others.Have the team members partner up with someone they live in the same state or city with, and come up with a cool team name and choose a challenge for one of the other teams to do within the next 30 days for their community. Goal: Each team has to get EVERYTHING Donated for their project. Their project has to be geared toward COVID19 workers, Volunteers or patients. (ie: restaurants, hospitals, patients, Police, Firemen, kids in hospitals, postmen, amazon workers) Minimum donations is 50 items (toys, sandwiches, tacos, art, face masks). Most inventive ideas to “think outside of the box”, ie: be Anna & Elsa as window washers for the sick kids in the local hospitals, find ways unemployed parents can work from home, do a “minute to win” it for the local fire department & deliver pizza, Bag 50 Tacos for the Nurses at the local hospital, make “Super Hero Capes’ for the kids in the local hospital…etc. The team has the sketch out their idea in 30 ,minutes and how they will get everything donated. Like the show the “Apprentice”. And how they will spread the goodness “Vibe” in the community and get on the news to spread “Good Cheer” & holding up signs that say something in the way of, stay positive, smile kids! The goal of this team building is to build momentum, have fun and and create trust and relationship within the community.

  116. Avatar
    Brenda Hunt

    A fun team building game could be Karaoke. Who doesn’t love singing to the 90’s or 80’s or even commercial songs? We all do it might as well do it with others.

  117. Avatar
    conrad drouillard

    A great team activity that i currently have my teams play is Battleship. Just like the classic battleship game. I have a team of 12 collectors, i break them up into 4 teams. When a memeber of a certain team collects on an account that is a certain level of delinquency, they get to guess a letter and number, each team has 3 battleships on graph paper, the vertical squares are lined with numbers, and the horizontal squares are lined with letters. They must sink all of another opponents battlships to win the game.

  118. Avatar
    Nathan Fontana

    One example of a team building activity for remote teams is a Create-Your-Own-Crystals Project. Everyone receives a box of all the items necessary to create their crystals and they can bring in their own crystals to help boost the effects, or they could request certain types, or possibly even, everyone could get a mystery box and be surprised at what their crystal turns out to be when the necessary time passes. Everyone can add their own effects and unique touches as well and it could be a competition for the best or coolest or most interesting crystal and everyone votes who wins! It would take a few hours to days to wait for crystals to create so it depends on ingredients and types of course.

  119. Avatar
    larissa weldon

    A great end engaging game would be a “Faking it’ game. For this example say we have a team of 6, you would send 5 out of the 6 an intriguing question that they would answer by raising their hands or holding up a certain amount of fingers. Then you send the 6th person a message and let them know they are the faker and need to blend in by either raising their hands or holding up fingers. They would not know the question. So, the idea is that the 5 would all have to work together to figure out who the faker is. you would send out 4 questions giving them 4 chances to communicate with each other to catch the faker. which would promote team bonding and teamwork by pulling everyone together for a run and engaging game.

  120. Avatar

    I really appreciate the Posture challenge. Many times when working from a computer we simply get so focused we forget about our bodies sometimes, plus much of our lives being intertwined with so much technology on the daily we often forget about the our postures. I’ve been working with computers since 6 years old… and many years later have already gone through 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries on top of others… with spinal issues and more. It has been mandatory I pay attention to my body while working online in any capacity. There’s a great importance to be aware of with health often “feeling” and being tethered to a computer. It can often get intense on the physical body if your not aware of it. Often neck issues and nerve issues come along from the constant repetition of being at a desk & being in “isolated motions”. So the Posture Challenge certainly gets my vote, I really like because it helps balance health awareness to not only yourself, but others who love what they do and need to keep their body fit to those things “taxing” within the remote/computer/techno based online business.

  121. Avatar
    Brandon Conquest

    Virtual Team Building Exercise
    (Context Audio identifying skills)

    This exercise would be to train potential sales agents to identify customer tones, reactions and to promote customer engagement.

    Video chat with audio would be recommended, but video would be disabled. We would instruct two reps to come up with a customer scenario where someone was displeased with a product or did not feel like they were getting there best value for buck. Key points would be to pick up on what the team member strengths and areas of opportunities were and how to help improve and learn from each other to apply it to job at hand (greeting tone, active listening, relating and empathizing and providing a solution to resolve the matter) then reveal each others camera to see who they were interacting with. Point be to never judge a book by it’s cover and to realize we all have one goal, create the best customer/client experience while learning from each other.

  122. Avatar
    Saliya Ali

    I would recommend virtual mafia. Each participant randomly receives a role at random. The team members would use work related scenarios to customize it to the particular company or wherever the company is based. Players work together to guess the perpetrator and build relationships in the meantime. In this game, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and listening is crucial.

  123. Avatar

    Online gaming. Games like battlefield require that a team works together to obtain objectives. Typically if you don’t you get ran through and you lose objectives costing you points even if you have the highest amount of points. You need the team to work together.

  124. Avatar
    Zoe Soupart

    An example of a virtual team building activity would be….. wait for it……”FACE THE FACTS”

    Each team member creates a FACE drawing/painting/collage of the person they were assigned as well as their FACTS. Everything but writing! Your creativity is only limited by your imagination!

    How it works: Prior to the Virtual Conference, each team member will receive a package. This package will contain:

    1. FACE (head shot) pictures of ALL team members
    2. On the back of each picture contains up to 5 FACTS about that person.
    3. A note with the name of the team member they will have to draw/paint..etc.
    4. Canvas with paints

    On the day of Virtual Conference:

    Each team member will be instructed to take 10 mins to grab any other items they wish to use for their masterpiece. 40 mins will be allotted to create their assigned team member while “studying” the FACES and FACTS of the other team members whom they were not assigned. Once time is up, everyone will stop what they are doing, and discard the pictures. Then each team member will showcase their artwork while the others will have to guess which team member’s FACE it is and what the FACTS are. The person who guesses the most faces/facts wins.

    Purpose of Activity:
    Creating the artwork and studying the faces & facts of the other team members, will encourage multitasking. They 40 min time limit will allow the observation of how the team works under pressure as well as completing a task within a desired time frame. Guessing the faces will work on attention to detail. Guessing the facts will work on information retention. All while trusting that each person did in fact discard the pictures of the other team members and are not cheating.

  125. Avatar

    A great way to release any type of stress or tension that you receive from a job to me would be to sing. Why not go a Pitch Perfect style and Acapella a part of your favorite song. Have your team sing a part of their favorite song to match it. Create your own song.

  126. Avatar
    Angela Fallon

    A great team-building activity for remote teams is charades, movie specific. Each team member is tasked with recreating a one-minute scene from a movie, sans sound, with the things found in their home. A few days prior to the event, an email/message would get sent out to the team allowing them to prepare for the video chat. When the time comes, each team member would go through their scene then allow time for other team members to take a guess at what movie they were reenacting. A company could also have the option to send out small “movie kits” with popcorn or another movie snack to their teams that they would be able to enjoy while going through the event. This fun event lets teams learn more about each other through the movie scenes that they choose to reenact while enjoying a fun night “at the movies.”

  127. Avatar
    Nikki Phillips

    A good virtual team building game is old fashioned Mad Libs. One person can have the template, and can go around in the order of teammates that appears on their screen (left to right, top to bottom, etc.) and let them fill in the blanks by providing the required word. It can be made to be easy or made to be challenging. You can do this with song lyrics, company mottos, made up stories, and so many other different things. The “speaker” can take the template and go around the virtual chat and ask individuals to give you certain words (i.e. nouns, verbs, names, adjectives, etc.). Then, once everyone has given words and completed the template, the speaker reads off the results! It’s flexible because you can do just one template, or everyone can have their own template and make the game even longer. It can be made a competition by allowing people to vote to see whose template results were funniest, cutest, etc.

  128. Avatar
    Maria Valente

    Have an ugly sweatshirt contest. A kit with arts and craft style items (participants must provide the sweatshirt) would be mailed in advance. The participants then create their ugly sweatshirt with the items or any additional they may want to add. Everyone must wear the sweatshirt on the day of voting for the ugliest. All participants vote for the ugliest sweatshirt. The winner of the ugliest receives first prize. Additional Prizes may given for different categories that are added but not disclosed to participants in advance. The mediator will announce on the day of event and will also participate in the voting.

  129. Avatar
    Maria Valente

    Have an ugly sweatshirt contest. Art and craft items will be mailed in advance (sweatshirt provided by participant). On the day of activity everyone will wear the sweatshirts. All participants will vote. Then discuss why they voted for that participant. Prizes can be awarded

  130. Avatar
    Ashley Joseph

    The Ultimate Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    This game would be excellent for clients who have recently merged two companies and are trying to develop a new company culture with their newly bonded team. The teams would be mixed with people from each organization and together they will have to explore the depths of the internet to get a brand new history and perspective on each others previous companies culture. Who ever learns the most fastest wins!

  131. Avatar

    Everyone knows the card game “cards against humanity.” Think of cards against humanity, but the employee and boss approved version. For this team building exercise, each of the employees/ people who are online virtually must have a set of cards. While this exercise may not be possible for all cards, play the card game as you would. However, the twist is to take out the Rated R stuff (unless team members are okay with it), make it PG-13, and change the original card message to one that relates to your work.

    It’s a fun way to unite people in an unconventional manner. It requires each person to have a stack of cards. But the game is super fun and everyone always ends up rolling on the floor from laughter. This way people can laugh, bond, and relate their laughing back to work!

  132. Avatar
    Dainera Fercano

    I think a great team building exercise would be to introduce pets or hobbies- then in that find common interests.

  133. Avatar

    Virtual Musical Chairs
    One person is the designated Music Master. Their job is to control the music and judge who gets back to their seat first. When the music stops, ths Music Master must see who is the last person to sit back down after having a wild dance fest. The last to sit down is eliminated until the last dance maniac is left dancing and awarded as the winner.

  134. Avatar
    Natalia Hemingway

    I think “dress like your hero,” is a great way for remote workforces to take the monotony out of working in PJ’s. It has a creative element of dressing like the person you aim to portray. It has the preparation and sharing aspect where a small bio. is given about the person. It is also a way to grow to learn more about your team and what (who) is important to them as they share why they chose the person. For added fun, A gift basket of amazing leader quote cards, superhero regalia and a coffee mug (for bragging rights) can be sent out to the team selected winner.

  135. Avatar
    Jennifer Maniaci

    So You Think you Really Know Me?
    Guess Who?

    Outcome: A better understanding and appreciation of who your work collegues really are. When people know better, they do better.

    Remote Activity:

    Each person will email the host their answer to each of these questions.

    1. If you were a car, which one would you be?
    2. What is your favorite move?
    3. What is your favorite song?

    The Team Building host will ask one of these submitted questions at a time allowing every person to answer. One point will be given to each person who guesses their colleague’s answer correctly. This is a psychological dive into helping determine who a person is. Scoring consistent zeros may indicate the guessing person, may need to look in the mirror and step out of his or her box to better understand someone. The person with the most points, WINS! The person with the least amount of points? Welp, may just have some work to do, This activity is engaging, funny and surprising!

    Let’s Go!

  136. Avatar
    Dave Laughlin

    In The Cup

    Compete for points.
    Divide your team into groups of two. One person throws a ping pong ball just over the top of the camera on their own computer. At the same time their partner throws a ping pong ball from behind their own computer into a cup that is in front of their camera. Everyone else will judge the throw as to whether it looked “real” or not. Looks real, that couple gets 1 point, hits the cup 2 points, goes in the cup 5 points. Example: Hits cup but doesn’t look real 2 points. Hits cup and looks real 3 points. Then the next couple goes. Most points wins.

    Another one that would be fun is:

    Crackers and Peanut Butter

    Each person gets a cracker with peanut butter on it. Everyone starts eating at the same time. The person that is able to whistle first wins. Probably best to do this one outside and make sure you are not facing your computer. Turn for a profile – less clean up. I can’t take credit for this one, my dad used to do this with my sister and me when we were kids.

  137. Avatar
    Sedd. Brown

    I believe bringing a family member to be a guest to the virtual conference can provide fresh, efficient and unique perspectives to the table. Outsiders with a brief explanation of an opportunity will more often than not, provide a thought process that has not been considered. Third party perspectives are the widest of angles.

  138. Avatar
    Grant Johnston

    I think a great team building exercise would be something that happens over a long period of time as in game that you can play while you are searching for clients online. What you would need is someone to setup a game board or list of searches that need to be found in potential clients websites. These searches could be anywhere from a word to a picture. Then screen shot when you have found it and send it in to the person who keeps track of everyone. When someone completes all the criteria that person will get a prize of some sort. This way it is not something that ends as quickly and keeps co-workers engaged with each other for a long period of time.

  139. Avatar
    christopher sanchez

    I believe in a daily video call before work just to joke and laugh it helps bring peoples mood better for the day hence a happy worker is usually a better one

  140. Avatar
    Martha M Martinez

    A cool remote team building idea is for everyone to join a video conference call wearing costumes and play a game.

  141. Avatar
    Cameron Hewett

    I think a great team building activity for remote workers is a virtual show and tell. Remote workers are already somewhat disconnected to each other and may not get to share as much about their lives compared to people who work in the same office. Doing the virtual show and tell will allow team members to share a great memory, nostalgia or goofy item in their home. The items that people choose to keep in their homes tell stories of meaningful places people have been and important life moments they have experienced. This can let their team members get a deeper understanding of who they are as a person outside of a work environment.

  142. Avatar
    Michael Cowley

    My favorite remote worker team building exercise was called “working without pants.” It not only includes tips for increasing productivity, it also includes a session on health and wellness. The goal of this exercise is to educate your new remote workers and assist them in becoming advanced remote workers.

  143. Avatar
    Apolonia Dhaliwal

    I would say that a great team building activity for remote teams would be a video scavenger hunt. Teams are broken up into pairs and there is a time limit. Each pair is given a list of items to find and they are able to remain on video chat with each other. At the end of the time limit, the video call reverts back to the entire team and everyone compares the completed items on their lists.

  144. Avatar

    How about a game of Guess Who? Everyone receives a disguise from teambuilders with an alias name. Then all players sign on to zoom with their alias name only. One by one, all players give clues about their real selves until someone guesses who you really are. Then you must show yourself on Zoom. But careful, if you guess wrong, you have to drink or video yourself doing pushups to share later. We like to be well rounded here at teambuilders! It’s dress up, a virtual cocktail hour, game night, your workout, and get to know your co-worker all in one!

  145. Avatar

    Zoom pictionary is a great virtual game that can also be a team building exercise. There could be multiple teams and ongoing tournaments.

  146. Avatar

    A good team building activity you can do with remote teams would be a name that tune event. you can expand your teams music knowledge along with a friendly competition. As as team you can pick a genre and a DJ, the rest of the team can compete to know the artist, song title, year released or any other aspect of the music.

  147. Avatar
    Steve Current

    The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

    Team members are faced with the zombie apocalypse and have 10 objects in their house to choose to take with them. But the kicker is, they can only carry 5. We make these objects super random and not related to one another, but still useful in a survival situation. This will force people to really think hard.

    Then, split the team into groups of 3 and have them decide together what objects they’d choose. Once that’s done, get onto a group video chat with the entire team and talk about the results to see who chose what.

    Examples of items could be a tent, baseball bat, machete, a life straw (filters literally any water source instantly), a bow and arrow, a jar of peanut butter, etc.

    This will make team members understand the value of collaboration and healthy competition. It will also strengthen their ability to work together in a virtual environment.

  148. Avatar
    Daniel Geiger

    Virtual escape room.

    One employee sets up their room as an escape room before a video call. Then during the video call the others would have to direct the person through a series of clues and small puzzles to help their locked up coworker from his or her room.

    There could be a kit that is pretty standard for any room. A few different levels of complexity and a few different stories.

    Teams could be 4-5, larger might get overwhelming.

  149. Avatar
    Chelsea Smith

    I think a virtual Taboo game would be so much fun. All teams come up with a team name and a theme and then dress accordingly. For example, Team Sunny Day wears yellow and Team Turtle wears green. Then, the teams play Taboo for the duration of the time and then there can be an incentive at the end for the winners!

  150. Avatar

    Show and Tell (special item you keep in your office)

    Assuming this is an icebreaker type scenario, I would love to go “around the room” and have everyone share something they keep in their office that is special to them and share the story behind it. For me, I have a figurine of an anime character named “Shikamaru” that my brother gave me for my birthday. Shikamaru is a strategic thinker who is very lazy and finds most things a waste of time but when it comes to protecting his friends, he’s always a step ahead of the enemy.

    This might be a little personal for some folks and some people may not have an item. If that’s the case, they would be allowed to create a fictional item and explain why.

  151. Avatar
    Isaiah Velez

    I believe that a great remote team building exercise would be for everyone to do the body filling exercise:
    The Head – What is their best memory, or what is their dream job
    The Heart – What do they love to do
    The Stomach – Things they love to eat
    The Hands – Things they are good at doing with their hands (crafts, cook, bake, etc.)
    The Legs – Places they have traveled

    Then everyone can share their answers, it’s simple but at the end everyone will know more about one another and have that sense of family strengthened!

  152. Avatar
    Erin Carmona

    Awkward Team Photo Contest

    Everyone brings an awkward picture of themselves (from any time in their life) to the virtual game event. Going around one at a time, the team member shows their picture and everyone submits a caption to the event host so they are anonymous. The captions are then read aloud to the team member and they vote for the best caption to their picture.

    The team then votes on their favorite awkward photo. The team member with the most votes at the end earns the title “Most likely to see the awkward” and the team member who wins the most awkward photo is deemed “King or Queen of Awkward”. You can then compile all the pictures and captions into a virtual photo album “Team _____ Awkward Family Photo Album”

  153. Avatar
    Nicole Beaver

    During these unique times I think a virtual team building workshop related to health and wellness would be a great addition to your offering. This could include small interactive games to allow your team the tools to relax and relieve stress related to everyday problems around the globe as well as tackling challenges about successfully working remotely. This could include a short “paint/drawing” class where everyone is given a prompt, they take the take to create their masterpiece and turning it into a fun game of virtual “pictionary”!

  154. Avatar
    Phoebe Arnold

    A communication building exercise that is also just fun and sure to have some goofy results is one I remember playing at camp. Easily adaptable to a virtual work space! All you need is a pad of paper and a writing utensil (colors are optional).

    One person has an item or an image of something, for example, the lamp on my desk. I would describe it to everyone else piece by piece without giving away what it is. For example: “Start with a square. Then put a circle in the square almost filling it up. There is a small circle in the middle of the big circle. Draw a column going up from that. Near the top of the column are two loops on either side.” etc. Everyone else draws the image as the person goes along.

    At the end I would show the team the lamp on my desk and whoever got closest to the real thing wins!

  155. Avatar
    Steven Claudio

    Simply Trivial

    Employees will be split into groups and where they will introduce themselves and be given brief, fun ice-breaker questions like: “if you were a flower, what kind would you be and why?”.

    Then, phones will be confiscated in a simple bucket at each table and attention will be turned to the facilitator who will read elementary level trivia to the teams.

    Several rounds will be played and teams will have opportunities to win simple gifts like boxes of paperclips, staplers, rulers.

    The two top teams will compete in a lightning round to win the simplest gift of all. Cans of SPAM.

  156. Avatar
    Britni Hollingshead

    A great team building exercise is the Office Olympics. It helps bring the whole team together while also dividing up into teams to help encourage working together. Trivia games are a very fun and a challenge to bring everyone together. Also video chatting helps you put a face to your coworkers names and voices so we provide a zoom room so you can all see each other.

  157. Avatar
    Jessica Bowne

    a great remote team building activity to break the ice would be…MIMETIME!!!

    Here’s how it works…each team member would be assigned a SECRET adjective or verb to act out SILENTLY. The team would try to guess is the person in question…stinky?agitated?hot?hungry?

    Props could be used…hats, food, boas, etc!

    The winner is the team member that generates the most laughs and also gets the point across effectively

  158. Avatar
    Elaine Light

    How about a ‘grow your garden’ workshop, in which participants are sent the ingredients to pot a plant for their home? You can select from greenery, floral or veggies and we will send everything they need for the day of your workshop when we plant and learn how to tend our garden. Not only is this fun for all, the plant, will be a daily reminder of this fun, creative hands-on experience, when they were appreciated by their bosses and had a great time with their teammates. As their career grows, so too, will their plant. Greenery is best for the longest growth cycle. Imagine a team member who has had their plant growing as long as their career has been flourishing. It’s a tangible reminder of how much their company and management care about their work experience and environment.

  159. Avatar
    Ryan Sweeney

    One great virtual team building activity is a virtual rock, paper, scissors tournament!
    This can be a really fun activity, and can also be very easy to accomplish. In order to foster communication and authentic relationship building, there would have to be some very simple rules:
    1. Every contestant (remote team member) would have to introduce themselves to their opponent before each match.
    2. Every matched is scored best 2 out of 3. This can keep things interesting and exciting.
    3. Every contestant that loses their match must cheer on their opponent that beat them in the next match that they have. This way, by the final match, the two contestants will have half of the group cheering them on as they compete!
    This can all be done in virtual conference rooms, and takes almost no set up or explanation!

    I personally have taken part in a number of rock, paper, scissors tournaments, and can attest to how fun and exciting they can be! This is an easy way to boost moral and foster communication, and it gives co-workers a space to offer each other their support. This virtual team building activity is a blast!

  160. Avatar
    Diamond Bolling

    Passion Poems
    For everyone who loves to write and wants to get to know each other through writing. Each member of the team has to write a one-page poem about something they are passionate about. Once everyone writes their poem they would email it to a central location and then the team supervisor would read off each poem and everyone except for the supervisor has to guess who they think the poem belongs to. Once they guess everyone’s, then everyone has to create a 15-line poem on a passion they have in common as a team and then keep for encouragement throughout working in their position.

  161. Avatar
    Sierra Carrabino

    A great remote team-building exercise would be
    A bake-off show, Everyone gets 45 mins to create a cake or cookie that’s of difficulty and every does their best to recreate it. Everyone sits around on Zoom or the platform they use for video calling and shows off their creation. The fun part is watching everyone bake and all the disasters that can happen while participating together and having fun trying to recreate it.

    A second idea would be an animal fashion show. Dress up your animal/animals in crazy costumes and show them off to everyone.

  162. Avatar
    Jason Porter

    I think a great teambuilding event would be to do either a music or movies trivia contest. Music by decade and movies by genre would be the best approach. When you see the different types of music or movie lovers reveal their tastes, you can clearly see why teams are better than being on an individual basis. How it would work, is we divide ourselves into multiple teams of four, preferably combining multiple age groups in each group. Each team decides on a captain, and the captain is the only one that can give a final answer. Each team is presented with either a movie clip or a song clip. Each team has thirty seconds to lock in an answer before that question is passed onto the next team. At the end of three rounds, the team with the most points is the winner. Tiebreakers are broken with a sudden death question.

  163. Avatar

    I believe that team building is important in the work place to create happy employees! One game that would be fun is “who’s that baby?” You would have a designated person who knows the answers. Everyone sends in their baby pictures to the designated person. The designated person will show the pictures and people have to try to guess who’s that baby! It would be a fun and engaging activity for all!

  164. Avatar
    Don Silvas

    Everyone love music. Virtual name that song challenge. Pair up in teams while a host plays just a few seconds of the intro of random songs from different era’s. The team works together to name the song and or artist played. There could be themes like movies, tv shows, decades etc.

  165. Avatar
    Shannon T

    A team building activity that you can do with remote teams is anything along the lines of “how to”. For example, How to Knit, How to Paint Cherry Blossoms, How to Make Empanadas, and the list goes on. This could be integrated within a company where each employee may have a teachable skill that they could bring to their coworkers, making this activity versatile. The best part about it is that everyone is learning about each other and building rapport because now they will have a better understanding of their coworker.

  166. Avatar
    Erik Graff

    I’ve always had success with the game of two truths and a lie where every person shares three stories about themselves, one of which is a lie. The more outrageous the better. Each person shares their three stories and then the group has to guess which of the three stories is not real. Not only does it share two personal stories with everyone, you also get to learn what kind of lies the others can come up with!

  167. Avatar

    I always think the best way to build teams is to get to know your team. I would challenge every person to come up with something about themselves that they believe no one else on the team can claim. During a group call/video, everyone would tell the team about it and see if anyone else can say the same! This creates a bond between team members who can now relate to others when they initially thought they couldn’t!

  168. Avatar
    Jona Tear Adams

    Hypothetical challenges. Provide a scenario that places the team in a hypothetical dilemma. Say that they are at a riverbank, and there are being pursued by pushy salesmen who are chasing them and are only 15 minutes away. Yet, the river has no bridge and they are not able to safely cross. Provide a list of tools that they have in their hypothetical situation, and challenge each team to come up with the best way to cross the river, before the salespeople get them.

  169. Avatar
    Dana Lolley

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to virtual team building exercises, but the most valuable ones are activities where you get to learn more about the people you work with, the interests and goals. My personal favorite is a collaborative futuristic narrative. This can be done 100% remotely or during a phone or video conference call. A blank document is set up and each member of the team has access to add to the ever expanding story. Typically the leader of the meeting or volunteer would go first, establishing a futuristic date and location. Then, each member of the team will have a chance to add and adapt the narrative with unlimited paths and storylines as the future could be anything we make it. This activity allows each member of the team to contribute, express new ideas, explore their creative thinking, develop problem solving skills, and most importantly, give everyone a good time. As the story develops, there are often clues that arise about each of the team members which could spark additional conversations and other team building activities. The possibilities are endless!

  170. Avatar

    To go off of the chair yoga idea, I think a virtual guided meditation would be great for team building. For example, you could have a certified instructor (or pre-recorded) lead your virtual group in guided meditation focused on a specific topic and then afterward everyone can share their experience. When we did it as classmates it was amazing to hear all of the cool journeys each of our minds took. It helped everyone to relax. You could take it as far as sending everyone a lavender-scented eye pillow and aromatherapy candle to use during the guided meditation to help with the mood and relaxation.

  171. Avatar

    When looking at remote/virtual teambuilding, there are a few questions to keep in mind:

    – How do you make sure the activity is still fun rather than cumbersome or difficult to do from home?
    – What unique parts of remote work can you highlight or focus on in this activity?
    – How can you make the activity stand out as something special, memorable, and innovative?

    With those questions in mind, I would suggest a problem-solving challenge! Before the event, Teambuilding would send a small of box of trinkets, tools, and craft materials to each participant. For the event itself, participants are broken up into teams of 4. Each team is given a fun, silly problem to solve…something like, “A squirrel who lives in the tree above your house has stolen your wedding ring. How do you get it back??”

    Each team of 4 is then asked to make a plan to solve their problem. Each person should make a tool using their crafts box that helps the team. The tools and plan should be a collaborative effort! When the game is done, they share their tools and ideas with the rest of the group.

    This activity would absolutely serve as a memorable moment in their work days, and should encourage them reflect on how they communicated and collaborated even while working remotely.

  172. Avatar
    Katrina Gray

    These all sound so fun! I wish I was with an organization that would do these team building exercises. I have never worked in an environment that felt that team building was important or necessary. I’ve been missing out! So, my idea is a version of Show and Tell. We all submit a picture of an item to “show and tell” with a description or story included with it. But we don’t talk about our item, our teammates do. Lets see who can get as close to the real description or story behind it. Then of course the owner of the item can elaborate or tell the real story!

  173. Avatar
    Steffon Fisher

    I think a great virtual team building activity would be an easier variant of a famous tabletop game called dungeons and dragons. In this game there is a story teller(dungeon master) that creates a story set with different obstacles players are faced with. Players are able to create their own personalized character. The story tellers layout a variety of abilities and strongpoints to choose from. All players will need to discuss amongst each other and strategize how they build their character. If the story teller is good they will be faced with challenges that if done correctly with the right abilities and strongpoints, will earn them rewards to help them further in the game. This game Utilizes teamwork, imagination and strategy like no other while allowing people to express their individuality with their character building.

  174. Avatar
    Amy R

    Laughter and being silly brings a group together! It would be a riot to do virtual lip reading. The lip reader keeps their laptop muted while the lip speaker and everyone else on the call knows the phrase and can hear the lip reader guessing. Oh! You could also have the group do a Bad Lip Reading Challenge. If one of your team meetings was recorded, you could break out into teams and each team could have two days to take that meeting and overdub with bad lip reading. Each group then presents their video at the next team building event.

  175. Avatar
    Amy Plotkin

    We are currently doing a virtual Fitness Challenge within my department. I developed and executed the 3 week event by first randomly assigning partners. I created a spreadsheet for colleagues to track their minutes of physical activity and am sending out encouraging emails and videos. The goal is employee health and wellness and also creating a sense of community, fun and accountability.

  176. Avatar
    Danielle Samoorian

    Depending on your crowd, I think doing a wine & paint night would be great. It would be excellent to get an artist to do step by step or they also have options on Youtube.

  177. Avatar
    Brian Hodson

    Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    Through the use of commonplaces in all areas we design a scavenger hunt that all employees can participate in and get out of there house to make it happen. Through the use of cell phones and video meetings ie: Zoom. We go on a scavenger hunt and can not move to the next item until each member has found one or a coworker finding a second after a specified amount of wait time to ensure still moving at a good pace. This gets the team up and moving and can be as simple as going to a coffee shop and ask them the cost of a cup of joe.

  178. Avatar
    Laura Mathers

    I went to an art opening, and, sadly, the coolest thing about it wasn’t the art. The majority of people were actually inspired by a childhood toy. The adults were all assembled at a table full of Lego (yes, that’s the plural – my nephew corrected me). We all had so much fun interacting while building. I think team members should be mailed a Lego set and given a task for a building competition. Everyone presents their works of art and the winner gets the Lego trophy (or some sort of prize).

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