Team Building Training: Workshops, Courses & Seminars

How it Works

At Team Building Hero we are experts in all things corporate team building and team bonding. We started by writing about team building activities and events for awesome companies, and over time we developed team building training, workshops, courses and seminars.

Below, you’ll find info on our corporate team building training programs and education resources. When you’re ready, contact us for a quote on creating your own event.

Note: Our training is available in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, Austin and around the world.

Team Building Workshops

If your organization is relatively new to team building, then we recommend starting with a workshop.

Our standard workshop is a four hour event in two parts. First, one of our Spirited Lecturers will guide your employees through the 10 Steps of a Cohesive Team. These 10 lessons include specific learnings and insights from real world case studies – including some of the most engaging tactics from pro team building organizations in the Fortune 500, music industry and the NFL.

The second part of our workshops is called Team Building Super Powers. This team building activity is a combination of group work and facilitation where participants uncover and declare their super powers: the unique contributions that they make to a team. We’ve found that when colleagues uncover and recognize their super powers, as well as those of each other, they become a much more productive work force — almost instantly.

Our training is designed from scratch to be memorable and actionable. Participants will have take aways from the team building workshops that they can literally apply the moment they walk out the door.

Team Building Courses

For more advanced groups, or teams in need of some serious development, we offer team building classes. These courses are an 8 week program designed to take your team from no-bonds to strong-bonds.

Team Building courses follow a series of modules that all employees can participate in, including:

Module 1: Taking Back the Team – How to Build a Strong Company From Scratch
Module 2: Team Building Games – 3 Games You Can Play With Your Team
Module 3: Manage Up, Manage Up – How to Work With Your Manager in a Productive Way
Module 4: From Co-workers to Team-workers – Advanced Tactics for Connecting With Colleagues
Module 5: Automatic Icebreaker – The Key to Great Icebreakers that Connect Your People
Module 6: Meetings x 10 – How to Run Meetings People WANT to Attend
Module 7: Unconventional Office – Bring Out What Makes Your People Unique
Module 8: Mystery Workshop – Our Most Powerful Team Building Lesson of All

Our team building courses start at $499 per participant – an investment in your team’s happiness and productivity.

Team Building Seminars

In addition to our workshops and courses, we also have full day seminars on team building. The seminar focuses on the key lessons from our workshops and courses, delivered in a compact and concise format.

We recommend our team building seminars for groups who just want the info to apply on their own schedule. There are no games and no homework – just an intense learning session. Generally, people who take our team building seminars are managers or executives who want to maximize their learning in a time efficient way.

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