An Epic List of Fun Team Building Ideas

Twenty years ago team building ideas meant icebreakers, trust falls and the occasional game of tug-of-war. Today, we still do icebreakers, but the activities have evolved to include a wide array of experiences; everything from scavenger hunts to culinary cookouts to competitive rowing to paintball. This team bonding buffet means that you can pick and choose the exact type of experience that fits your company’s interests, values and budget. For virtual team building, check out our list of virtual team building ideas for remote teams, which includes ideas for online games and activities for remote employee engagement.

The Benefits of Team Building

We love all types of team bonding because each event type is a unique expression of the same fundamental concepts. Indoor, outdoor, active or cognitive, these activities are built to challenge your employees to work together better, to improve their communication and problem solving skills and to infuse team bonding into the workplace. The benefits of making this investment in your organization include:

  • Increased employee engagement, productivity and loyalty. Many organizations fail to recognize how important the social aspect of work is. For adults spending ⅓ or more of their time at the office, making that time enjoyable is a critical way to keep your employees happy and fulfilled.
  • Decreased staff turnover. Similar and related to the first point, a team that plays together stays together. By making team building a regular part of your work calendar, you can foster close relationships at the office that keep your people at the company. Turnover is hard; it hits the bottom line with recruitment costs, training up a new person and decreased morale.
  • Attract great new talent. Fun, bonding activities aren’t just for your current staff, but for future applicants as well. How? These activities are a fun benefit you can add to your website and job descriptions. Include photos and videos of your past events for extra leverage.

Those are just three of the many benefits of investing in team bonding activities for your company. Once you decide to that with these exercises, the next logical question is, “what types of team building activities can we do?”

List of Team Building Ideas

Here is an alphabetical list of team building ideas and activities you can consider for your next company retreat, meeting or off-site. This list includes free activities that you can organize yourself, as well as activities available from service providers in your city.

  1. Amazing Race

  2. Bartending School

  3. Beach Trip

  4. Beer Making

  5. Board Game Night

  6. Bowling

  7. Broadway Show

  8. Broomball

  9. Casino Night

  10. Charity Events

  11. Chocolate Making

  12. Cocktail Party

  13. Cooking

  14. County Fair

  15. Dining in the Dark

  16. Drumming

  17. Escape the Room

  18. Game Shows

  19. Guac Off

  20. Food Truck Challenge

  21. Go Karting

  22. Graffiti Art

  23. Icebreakers

  24. Ice Cream Making

  25. Ice Sculpting

  26. Instant Choir

  27. Improv Lessons

  28. Karaoke

  29. Kayaking

  30. Laser Tag

  31. Leadership Training

  32. Lego Architect

  33. Mojito Contest

  34. Movie Night

  35. Murder Mystery

  36. Ocean Cruise

  37. Scavenger Hunts

  38. Secret Santa

  39. Singing Lessons

  40. Treasure Hunts

  41. Paintball

  42. Potluck

  43. Pub Crawls

  44. Rope Courses

  45. Rowing

  46. Science Fair

  47. Show & Tell

  48. Soccer-Baseball

  49. Storytelling Training

  50. Survivor Mini

  51. Trapeze

  52. Ultimate Frisbee

  53. Variety Show

  54. Watching Sports

  55. Whale Watching

  56. Winemaking

  57. Zoo Trip

  58. Zuper Fashion Show

Idea #1: Amazing Race

Love the show Amazing Race? Split your team into small groups and challenge them to an amazing race of their own. Your city is the canvas and a master game maker can paint a unique adventure through the streets, parks and public buildings that will have your employees hustling to win. The best part of an Amazing Race is the mashup of puzzles, clues, sports and other activities. The Amazing Race is truly an event type that can capture the attention of a crowd with diverse interests.

Idea #2: Bartending School

Want to learn the correct way to make a martini? Organize a bartending class with your coworkers to broaden your understanding of mixology. Bartending can be a fun adult activity for your employees to bond over. If you would like, turn your bartending experience into a game! Compete to see who can make classic drinks the fastest or with cocktail trivia. For example, what is really in an Old Fashioned? Find out who is skilled enough to play bartender at the next office party, or discover who at work can perform a perfect pour. Your people can learn a skill that they will use in their social lives and everyone can get involved. At your next happy hour, watch people try a new drink they want to try… or complain about ice chips in their martini.

Idea #3: Beach Trip

Your employees work hard and deserve a break. Rather than spending the day in the office or competing with your employees for engagement, enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. There are endless team building activities to enjoy on the sand and in the water. Play a round of beach volleyball, go clam digging, or walk the boardwalk to try out fun restaurants. A beach trip is especially fun in the summer with various water games and sports you can play, like Marco Polo and Aquatic-Tug-of-War. Bring some balloons and have a water balloon toss or an intense game of bocce ball. At night, host a bonfire complete with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. The beach can offer a little bit of everything and is entirely what you make it.

Idea #4: Beer Making

Micro-breweries are popping up all over the place and some offer opportunities for your private group to come in and learn the craft. Your team can master the art of beer making, while working together and maybe enjoying a pint. Beer making is a great activity for adult groups that are curious and hands-on. Worried about some of your employees not liking beer? Suggest they bottle some of the beer and use it as a gift for their family and friends. Beer Making can be a new experience for your employees to learn about something they may regularly enjoy.

Idea #5: Board Game Night

Ever play monopoly with an entrepreneur or someone who works in sales? Find out who is really the most competitive in your company. Collect some of your favorite board games and host competitions in your office. Employees can compete against each other or play against the game with board games like Pandemic. Split the office into teams and play Pictionary. You may be surprised by the artistic skills of your accountant. Maybe even bring in a game just for laughs, like Apples to Apples or games that help employees get to know one another with Loaded Questions. There are endless board games for whatever sort of evening you would like to create.

Idea #6: Bowling

Along with tug-of-war, bowling is a classic team building activity. Bowling is versatile in its ability to handle small or large groups. Small groups can show up at an alley or large groups can rent out an alley for a company outing. Bowling can be a quick last minute event because it is such an accessible activity that requires little planning. If you are planning ahead you can bring in a caterer or look for a bowling alley with karaoke, arcade games and billiards. Spice up your bowling outing with special packages and select nights that feature nighttime bowling for adults. Bowling can also be a great “bring your family” activity because it is fun for all ages.

Idea #7: Broadway Show

You are a company that recognizes quality and talent when you see it. So, take your employees to see a Broadway show! There are plenty of shows to choose from. Build your team up with the experience of seeing a world class act. Shows often are only in cities for a limited amount of time, so there is a good chance most of your employees have not seen the current production. Going to see a performance can be a classy team building activity that allows your employees to experience some culture, relax, laugh and maybe cry. Emotions are a powerful bonding opportunity! Grab dinner at a fantastic restaurant before or after the show to make it an unforgettable evening. Example: The Phantom of the Opera.

Idea #8: Broomball

What is broomball? It is like a mix of hockey and soccer. Players compete on an ice rink while wearing shoes; no need for your employees to learn how to ice skate. Break up into teams, grab a hockey stick, then see who can score the most points. Broomball can be a great way to cool off in the summer or a fun way to get some exercise in the winter. Play a game of executive’s versus staff or accounting versus marketing. The winner may surprise you! End the evening with some hot chocolate and share-outs for ultimate bonding potential. Curious where you can play broomball? Most ice rinks are aware of this exciting activity and can provide all the necessary equipment you need.

Idea #9: Casino Night

Gather your employees for a night of casino games at the office. Welcome your employees to let loose together and see who really has the best poker face in the office. The great thing about hosting a casino night is how customizable the evening can be. Get a deck of cards, some drinks and play poker in the conference room. You can play with Monopoly Money or Bragging Points which can be exchanged for actual prizes. Prefer something higher end? Visit an actual local casino. Enjoy drinks, Blackjack, Roulette, and slot machines. Casinos often have shows featuring comedians and live music concerts. Be sure to check your local casino’s calendar for special events that may appeal to your employees.

Idea #10: Charity Events

Some of the most rewarding work a person can do is charity. Gather your employees and make a day of helping those in need. Options include bear building, bike making, habitat for humanity and food bank collection. One of the best things about charity is you can choose a cause or mission that matches your values. If you work for a school district then maybe your employees would enjoy bear building for children. Companies that relate to physical exercise or health may enjoy bike making for those in need. Your charitable giving can be anything! Sign your marketing firm up for Habitat for Humanity. They have so many locations that can use help. Looking for something a bit different? Check out Harvest Club; they visit homes in the local area with a surplus of fruit and vegetable trees, pick the produce,and deliver it to local food banks and soup kitchens. There are so many creative ways to help and your employees are guaranteed to enjoy giving back. Example: Team Bonding.

Idea #11: Chocolate Making

I have only met a handful of people in my life that dislike chocolate. Hopefully, none of these folks work for your company because you will want take advantage of this team building activity. Learn all about cocoa, what goes into chocolate, and how to make the perfect bar. Get creative with different molds and flavors. Then, learn what the percentage on all those chocolate bars really means. If those individuals who dislike chocolate do happen to work for your company, then advise they can send their samples to the writers at Team Building Hero.

Idea #12: Cocktail Party

Not every team building activity has to be a thrill seeking experience. Some of the greatest employee bonding can be done around the table with a couple of drinks. Host a cocktail party with elements like ice breakers and mini-speeches. Set some time aside in the evening for everyone in the office to come together and enjoy drinks, snacks and conversation. Bring in some juice, your favorite spirit, and a few appetizers while everyone mingles and gets to know each other better. You can step this activity up a notch by going out to a fun or fancy restaurant. Enjoy a cocktail party with hand crafted drinks and ambiance.

Idea #13: Cooking

I love cooking; mainly because I like food. Prepare to eat with a cooking class! You can work alongside your employees to prepare something delicious and “out of the ordinary” to enjoy together. There are plenty of cooking classes out there to experience, so there is something for everyone. The list is endless: sushi, baked good, French, Italian, desserts, and even cheese! Some cooking classes include a food tour of the city and grocery shopping. This experiencer allows everyone buy the ingredients to recreate for their family whatever fantastic creation they learned. Cooking Classes can be a simple team building activity for beginners and those that are more advanced. So, no worries for those who feel like every kitchen is Hell’s Kitchen. Example: Recipe for Success.

Idea #14: County Fair

County Fairs are a great place for employees to gather and let loose. County and state fairs are typically seasonal, so it is an annual highlight for those living in the area. Purchase fair tickets for your employees and find out what events are offered. There are so many activities at fairs, so it can make for a unique experience no matter how many times an employee has been. Check out concerts, art or science exhibits, new food, and even corporate event packages. Enjoy a beer and a fried Oreo. Then go on a metal contraption that spins you 100+ feet above ground. On second thought, do not do that.

Idea #15: Dining in the Dark

It may sound like a logistical nightmare at first – I am probably going to accidentally spill wine all over my boss’s suit – but it can be a thrilling and eye opening experience. Dining in the Dark is just as it sounds. You will enjoy a meal with the lights out. Do not worry, the Dining in the Dark staff are trained on helping assist you with whatever challenges you may face. Laugh with your employees as you take your first bite of… chicken? Who knows. Gain a new appreciation for something we often take for granted and dine in the dark for a evening.

Idea #16: Drumming

Music is often called the universal language, because regardless of where you call home the right harmony is a transcending experience. The challenge with doing a musical activity with an amateur group is that many instruments take weeks or even months before you start to play well solo; let alone as a group. African drums are an awesome exception; if your employees can clap their hands then they can play these drums. The right instructor will show your group how to play energetic rhythms that will have you bobbing your heads and swaying your hips. Fire pit optional, but highly recommended. Example: Drum Cafe.

Idea #17: Escape the Room

There are tons of Escape Rooms that focus on team building. If your employees have never done this activity before then it can be a thrilling experience. Ever watch a prison break or hostage show? Do you ever watch then think about how you would escape? Ok, maybe that is just me…but now is your chance! Get locked in a room with your employees then try to figure out how to get out. What is a more bonding experience than fighting for freedom? Search for clues and solve puzzles to gain access to the outside world again before the timer runs out!

Idea #18: Game Shows

Does your company love playing games? Take a shot at attending a game show! There are tons of shows to choose from. Websites can help guide you on how to get tickets based on your location. Do you work in finance? Try testing your knowledge on The Price is Right! Is everyone at your company super fit? Attend the tryouts for Wipe Out! There are tons of game shows that appeal to a wide audience. Make it a memorable evening and watch the episode together as an office when it airs!

Idea #19: Guac Off

There is a good chance that the majority of your staff love guacamole and margaritas. Why not fuse these awesome food and bev options with your next team building event? All you need is a few dozen avocados, other ingredients and fun challenges to earn points and ultimately crown the guac-making champion. This is a fast paced activity that everyone on your team will love. Example: The Great Guac Off.

Idea #20: Food Truck Challenge

This challenge is a cool idea you may have never heard of before. Break off into teams – or create together for smaller groups – and compete to see who can create the best food truck experience; including the food concept, branding, marketing and financial forecast. Try going all out and create an actual replica food truck out of cardboard. The best part about a Food Truck Challenge is you can arrange the activity in your own office, at a conference center or wherever your team congregates.

Idea #21: Go Karting

When I first got my drivers license, I loved driving so much that I wanted to be a racecar driver. Maybe your employees had a similar dream. Go Karting is fun, fast-paced activity for employees to engage and compete in. Team up or play as individuals while everyone races to the finish line. Create prizes for first place and see who is really the most competitive in your firm. Some Go Karting tracks offer corporate packages focusing on building quick decision making skills, the ability to work under pressure and strategy development. Check out special offers in your area!

Idea #22: Graffiti Art

It doesn’t matter if you are in a creative or analytical field, graffiti art can be a fun experience for your employees to engage in. Sure, maybe you have painted on a canvas before. But have you used a spray can to create large pieces of art? Graffiti art is an activity that you can organize on your own, assuming you have a wall to paint. Then, when everyone is done, you can show your creation off to the entire office. Show clients how creative and fun your team really is with a beautiful work of graffiti art!

Idea #23: Icebreakers

Icebreakers are a fantastic way to get to know a new group of people or try to connect with others on a deeper level. There are plenty of icebreaker games to play that can fit whatever team event you are looking to host. Search online for some activities and questions and choose those you think will fit best with your company. Some games focus on teamwork while others can help develop unique skills.

Idea #24: Ice Cream Making

Similar to chocolate making, ice cream making is a good fit for those companies that have a sweet tooth. Gather around in a kitchen, combining ingredients to create the perfect smooth ice cream. Flavor your ice cream with different mixes and add toppings to create a totally unique flavor; can you create a themed flavor for your specific company or industry? Taste test your coworkers ice cream creations to see which you like best. Ice cream making is unexpectedly easy and a relatively quick process. If you want to get really fancy, make it an ice cream social with cones and toppings.

Idea #25: Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is an actual activity you can do! Collect your employees and try out ice sculpting. Create a piece of art with a giant block of ice! Maybe you would like to create a swan or recreate the statue of David. Companies that offer this activity will often take care of setup and providing you with the necessary tools.

Idea #26: Instant Choir

You may be surprised by this learning activity and what your employees are able to accomplish in a short amount of time. Instant choir gives your employees the chance to perform in a choir alongside one another. You may be thinking, ‘there is no way anyone in my firm can sing’ and you may be right. However, a professional instructor will show you how to make beautiful music together.

Idea #27: Improv Lessons

Improv is a challenging and often funny experience for people looking to get involved. Bring your whole team in for a lesson to learn how to work and communicate with each other in a new way. While communication and skill building lessons can be dry at times, improv offers a new way for your employees to laugh together while building those skills. Improv lessons have become increasingly popular over the years and can offer some valuable insights into the communications going on within your company.

Idea #28: Karaoke

Karaoke is a timeless activity that many people love. Employees can enjoy the evening, letting loose and singing to some classic songs together. Karaoke is a great way to bring an office together that may have employees from different generations. Any millennial would enjoy singing their heart out to the Beatles. Likewise, a Baby Boomer may get a kick out of Single Ladies by Beyonce. There are plenty of karaoke clubs and bars that offer special karaoke nights. If you are hosting an event in your office or a special location, karaoke rentals are available or one of your employees may even have a karaoke machine.

Idea #29: Kayaking

While many companies may enjoy showing their creative side or grabbing a round of drinks, your employees may also enjoy getting outdoors for exercise and a change of scenery. Kayaking is an excellent team activity for active groups. Kayaking is also fantastic because all you need is a body of water, the boat and safety equipment. Kayaking can be enjoyed on the ocean, river, and even lakes. Spend the day kayaking to a new location for a picnic lunch and enjoy the water and scenery. Check out rental locations near your local body of water for special deals!

Idea #30: Laser Tag

Laser Tag is not just for your kids birthday party anymore. Adults love laser tag too and you will wish you would have thought of this sooner, especially when everyone is working together to take down the other team. Laser Tag can be an excellent group activity that teaches your employees how to work together and communicate towards reaching a goal, or crushing the competition. It is also very fun to sneak up behind your manager and laser them when they aren’t expecting it.

Idea #31: Leadership Training

Many activities focus on skills like communication, working under pressure and leadership. However, these qualities are not always present or stressed. If leadership is a skill you are hoping to instill in your team, go straight to the source and organize some leadership training. Leadership training does not always have to be someone giving a lecture in front of a powerpoint, and instead can be a fun, engaging experience. Show employees how to be leaders rather than just telling them. Leadership professionals can be found online to help you with building confidence among your employees. Example: Essex Woods.

Idea #32: Lego Architect

A nostalgic and enduring choice, Lego Architect is the perfect way to bring out the inner-child in your teammates. There are a few ways to arrange this activity; you can do a free for all that gives participants a chance to exercise their creative muscles, or you can take a more structured approach. We recommend a game where small groups have members with specific roles like Architect, Site Planner, Engineer and Construction Worker. Give each role a set of rules to follow like “can’t touch the blocks”, “must be blindfolded” or “can only talk to the Engineer.” These constraints will challenge your employees to find creative solutions and achieve the ultimate goal: finishing a Lego building.

Idea #33: Mojito Contest

Mojito’s are a fun cocktail party drink, but did you know there are tons of combinations? Mojitos can have many different fruit and herb combinations. Try out some new pairings for the perfect summer drink. Hand out recipes to all of your employees and see who can create the best Mojito! Let the CEO be the judge on who’s mojito is top shelf. Find Mojito recipes on Pinterest, recipe websites and from other employees! If you are feeling like you are really in a Mojito mood, pair the drinks with some Mojito cheesecake or cupcakes.

Idea #34: Movie Night

Movies are a relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy. Check out deals online for group coupons to attend showings. Movie Night could be a matinee or imax deal for your team to enjoy. Take the office out for a showing after the holidays, when a bunch of new films have been released and everyone is struggling to get back into the work grove. This activity could also be a summer event where you go to a blockbuster and then talk about the values and principles in the film, because work.

Idea #35: Murder Mystery

Another popular activity you can do with your team is Murder Mystery. This puzzle sensation is a super customizable activity that requires your employees to work with or against each other to solve who murdered someone. Track clues and put pieces together for the live interactive Clue game! If you have some creative hands in your company, design your own game for a cost effective option. Otherwise, you can contact a company that specializes in murder mystery games. These companies often offer special corporate packages. Murder Mystery is a great option if you are looking to have fun and also work on some skill building.

Idea #36: Ocean Cruise

You and your employees work hard. You may be overworked or just finishing a very busy season. Why not relax on an ocean cruise? Ocean Cruises are super flexible and there are tons of options to choose from; it just depends on what you are looking for. If you want a casual cruise to enjoy the seas with a couple of drink, there are plenty of charters happy to help. If you are looking for something more upscale, there are boats you can rent out and take over with your company. Have food and drinks catered while you watch the sunset with your hard working team. Example: Royal Caribbean.

Idea #37: Scavenger Hunts

Is your office starting to get cabin fever? Try out a scavenger hunt as a fun, outdoor activity. Scavenger Hunts are fantastic for group bonding because there are so many competitive and collaborative options. Go with a professional company to set up a scavenger hunt or create your own. This activity can be done within the office or outside. Send your employees to a local mall, beach or city square. Anywhere really! Have your team looking for common items like paper clips or plastic cups. Then, move onto more challenging tasks like, ‘get a photo with a celebrity’. Watch how the teams work together to brainstorm a creative solution to getting a photo with someone famous! Example: Cashunt

Idea #38: Secret Santa

Every holiday season, thousands of offices around the world celebrate with a holiday party and a Secret Santa ritual. Usually, Secret Santa is a blind draw or a Master Elf can match the participants. Each member then has a specified budget to find a great gift for their target. The fun of Secret Santa is learning about what’s important to your co-workers so well that you can find that perfect gift, and on the receiving end, opening up a special new something. You can add to the activity by having participants guess who sent which gift to who or let it be a mystery that looms, in good fun, over the office until next year. Re-gifts optional.

Idea #39: Singing Lessons

You know that one employee that always seems to sing a bit to loudly with his headphones on? Lay a subtle hint with taking the whole office out for singing lessons! This activity can be a fun experience for the whole office, as you sing your hearts out to some classic tunes. Maybe your department wants to impress the rest of the company at your next holiday party? Take a few singing lessons and surprise your managers with the amazing musical skills your department has built!

Idea #40: Treasure Hunts

Similar to scavenger hunts, treasure hunts encourage employees to work together to accomplish a common goal. Except, rather than finding a paperclip or taking a photo – like in a scavenger hunt – encourage your employees with something desirable like chocolate, money, gift cards, or other exciting prizes. A Treasure Hunt can be arranged by a service provider or can be put together by someone on your team. The hunt can also be done anywhere in any amount of time. Treasure hunts can take place over a large location like a theme park or mall. These hunts can also be smaller and done in the office during a party.

Idea #41: Paintball

Paintball is not just for teenage boys; it is an exhilarating activity that encourages teams to work together with strategy and communication. At first it may seem like the skills built playing paintball are not transferable into an office setting, until you remember how sneaky your competition is. Just kidding. Paintball courses can offer corporate packages to groups looking for a new experience. These centers often provide you with all the gear necessary for shooting and safety. Worried about employees getting hurt? Paintball requires protective equipment over all sensitive areas of the body. It may sting a bit when you are hit, but it generally does not cause any physical damage.

Idea #42: Potluck

Looking for an excuse to ask Mabel in accounting to make her triple chocolate cheesecake? Organize a potluck! Potlucks are a cost effective way to host a party while allowing everyone to show off their talents in the kitchen. Not a chef? No worries, people can bring plates, cups and drinks! Add to a potluck with games, ice breakers, or many of the other activities suggested in this article.

Idea #43: Pub Crawls

Pub crawls are a great way to spend some time with your coworkers and get out of the office. Maybe you live in an area with upbeat nightlife. Grab everyone and look up some great bars to hit. Visit one pub that has fantastic appetizers, another that is known for their home brewed beer and one more for their fun bar trivia games. Pub Crawls can also be fun if you live near the beach where there are plenty of bars along shore. Look into bars with special deals like taco Tuesday or early Happy Hours.

Idea #44: Rope Courses

For those employees who are always zip lining and parasailing on the weekends, this is a fantastic activity! A rope course is similar to an obstacle course in that people work their way from one side of the course to the other by performing physical challenges as they strive to reach the finish line. Some may require you to walk across planks high up in the air, or walk on ropes closer to the ground and some even include zip lining.

Idea #45: Rowing

Rowing is similar to kayaking and canoeing in that you are in a long sleek boat, using paddles to move your way through the water. You may have seen rowing in the Olympics and noticed how athletic and competitive the sport is. Rowing is a choice team sport to help you learn how to effectively communicate and work together; and the boat literally doesn’t move without teamwork. Check out rowing to test yourself and your coworkers on how well you can be in sync in achieving your goal. Example: Community Rowing Inc.

Idea #46: Science Fair

Not everyone excelled in science at school, but their may have been a class or experiment we found absolutely fascinating. Bring your company to a science fair to rediscover your love of nature, technology, physics and chemistry. A science fair doesn’t always mean a baking soda volcano . Science can include new technology, cool experiments, or other findings in nature. The experience may include a new model car or robot. Search for science fairs in your area and ones that will visit your town in the future.

Idea #47: Show & Tell

How well do you really know your employees? Maybe they have a hidden talent or skill. Show and tell can be a quick and friendly team activity. Go straight to the source to learn more about who they are as a person. Maybe your people are fascinated over WW2 medals or vintage postcards. Ask everyone to bring in an item or perform a talent that shows a hidden side to them. You will be shocked when you find out your receptionist knows how to hula or when your marketing director can name all US Presidents and their Vice Presidents.

Idea #48: Soccer-Baseball

It may be hard to imagine your manager hitting a homerun or scoring the winning goal. As odd as it may seem, a lot of your coworkers may have had success in sports when they were younger. Soccer-Baseball is a good option when looking to get your employees out on the sports field; and is as simple as pitching and kicking a soccer ball in place of the regular baseball. Small groups can play a quick round to 10 points, while larger groups can hold tournaments competing to see which team/department does the best over the season! Equipment is easy to come by at the store or asking around the office. Set up a game and picnic for a sunny spring day of sports.

Idea #49: Storytelling Training

Like public speaking, storytelling requires practice and experience. Storytelling training can provide your employees with the opportunity to improve this skill. Not only is storytelling an opportunity for learning together, but it can be used in and out of the office. Help your employees learn how to communicate a story better which can translate into better performance at work. Maybe you are in a field that requires frequent communication with clients that involve a lot of talking and detailed points. Storytelling training can help fine tune those skills.

Idea #50: Survivor Mini

Most of us have seen the show Survivor or some variation of it. Ever think you could compete? Now is your chance. Create mini games similar to the show for your employees to work through as a team. An obstacle course requiring employees to get active and ending it with a puzzle is a new way to analyze how a team works together. Do not feel like you are creative enough to put a couple courses together? Some companies offer services to set up a whole Survivor Mini series for you. They will set up the equipment, explain the rules and judge the winner. All you need to do is show up!

Idea #51: Trapeze

This activity is certainly one that will keep your employees talking for a very long time. Conquer your fear of heights and coworkers not catching you with the flying trapeze! Hang from the air and fly across the room while performing acrobatic stunts. Learn one of the most beautiful circus arts together with your coworkers. If you prefer to do something a bit more formal then there are some trapeze locations that offer professional trapeze shows. You can watch these shows together as a team or have a cocktail/holiday party below while they dance across the ceiling. Example: Emerald City Trapeze.

Idea #52: Ultimate Frisbee

Looking for an active event but don’t want anything too dangerous or athletic? Ultimate frisbee can be an intensely competitive or relaxing sport to play as a team. Similar to football, teams play against one another on a field to get their frisbee to the other side by throwing it. If you are unsure how to play, a quick Google search will let you know it is very simple to pick up on. Play at a local park or search online for suggested fields to play at.

Idea #53: Variety Show

What do you think of when I say, ‘variety show’? Chances are, everyone thinks of something a little bit different. Variety shows are just that, a little bit of something for everyone. Maybe you will see a magician, a hypnotist, a musician, comedian, artist or stunt performer. Variety shows keep you on your feet and guessing. Treat your team to an experience they won’t forget. Still unsure? Look up some variety show reviews in your area. Chances are the performers are seasonal so they will always be changing!

Idea #54: Watching Sports

A sporting event can be experience for all employees. Maybe your city is very fanatic about their football team? Reserve a box or a couple rows of seats and enjoy a game at the stadium. Cheer from the seats while others can grab a hotdog and soda. This event can be especially exciting if you are in a field that works to improve their immediate community! If watching sports does not sound too appealing to you, check out sports bars in your area. Some may have party rooms you can reserve for a game. Book a room for your company and watch your employees cheer on their favorite team.

Idea #55: Whale Watching

Spending a beautiful sunny day in the office can bring morale down from time to time. Counteract this gloom with a day on the sea! Rent a boat and go whale watching for a day. Plenty of cities offer a variety of whale watching services. Let them guide you out to the ocean to the best spots to watch for whales. These majestic creatures can excite even the grumpiest of bosses! Step it up a notch with catering and bartending services. Enjoy the sea for a fun Friday or Holiday party. Be sure to research the best times of the year for whale watching in your area.

Idea #56: Winemaking

Wine making is a very specific and creative art. Learn more about what goes into the winemaking process, visit the giant barrels and maybe even try out a little vino. Learn what creates that dry taste in your mouth. Discover if that wine with hints of chocolate and coffee actually has chocolate and coffee in it. Do people really stand in barrels smashing grapes with their feet? While foot-smashing is no longer a common industry practice, some wineries allow you to do so. But you have to drink it right after. That’s the rule.

Idea #57: Zoo Trip

Sometimes your office may feel like a zoo, so why not go to one? Zoos offer many services that are perfect for your next company event. You can experience a tour through the zoo, picnic and even host a holiday party among some of your favorite animals. Walking around the park looking at exotic animals is a pleasant way to relax for everyone, and you can jazz that tour up with stories and amazing facts about the animals. If you are too busy to take a day off for fun, then why not bring work to the zoo? Host a meeting at the zoo’s conference center and take a break to feed the animals. If you are looking for something really unique, many zoos offer holiday themed events at night. These events can be anything from light shows to concerts. Be sure to check out your local zoo’s calendar for any upcoming events, especially during the holiday season.

Idea #58: Zuper Fashion Show

A Fashion Show may not be for every company, but for the right organization is a fun and energetic experience! Attend a fashion show with your coworkers who have a love of style! You don’t have to be invited to New York fashion week to see one. Fashion shows can be found in many cities and are offered for a variety of reasons. A designer may be launching a new line or charity may be hosting a fashion show to raise funds. Look up local fashion shows in your area for the opportunity to see one with your team. Bonus: you can also host your own fashion show, maybe at Halloween to see who has the best costume.

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