Online Team Building Bingo

One of the best games you can play with remote teams is Online Team Building Bingo.

The reason Online Team Building Bingo is so popular with remote workers is that the game format is familiar and easy to get started with.

If you want to play then you can organize a game for your next virtual conference call or as a month long challenge for your team.

Either way, you should include some fun prizes at the end 🙂

Here is a free remote work bingo template that you can use for the game:

Online Team Building Bingo

The original source for this virtual Bingo board is Online Team Building Bingo by If you use the Remote Work Bingo template then you can share that link with the remote workers on your team to download it.

How to play Online Team Building Bingo

The rules of Online Team Building Bingo or Virtual Team Bingo are simple.

First, you need to sign up a roster of players.

Next, distribute the Virtual Team Bingo template to all players.

Third, announce the duration of the game, which could be a single conference call or a month long challenge.

Fourth, have all the players track progress by marking off boxes with an “x” as they identify team members that match the clues.

Finally, award prizes to players that complete rows!

You can have more than one winner, and when it comes to Online Team Building Bingo it is kind of the merrier.

Have fun!

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