Team Building Activities For Large Groups & Conferences

How it Works

Team Building Hero runs a variety of large group team building activities in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC and Austin. We are also available to facilitate corporate events throughout the US and Canada.

Our activities are designed from the bottom up for large groups of adults, and can scale to include 2000+ participants (if you have more, just let us know!). You can choose between activities where we split your group into smaller sub-groups or those activities where everyone participates together.

The majority of our events include “real world participation” that facilitates communicating and other bonding opportunities between employees. Charity, volunteer and social responsibility options are available. We can also customize these events to match your organization’s industry, values, mission and goals.

We’ve facilitated countless corporate team building activities with participants from Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, GAP, Toyota and more. We are consistently rated 5 stars for our fun, energetic and engaging events.

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