Emerald City Trapeze Reviews

When I was misbehaving as a kid, my father would threaten to sell me to the circus. After interviewing Emerald City Trapeze Arts, it does not seem so bad! Ever think about joining the circus? At Emerald City Trapeze you get to do just that. They provide a number of different trapeze themed classes and services. Everything from a formal holiday party with professional trapeze artists and aerial artists to encouraging you to roll up your sleeves, climb up the ladder, and perform a trapeze catch!

Emerald City Trapeze has worked with numerous companies doing team building activities in Seattle, showing employees what goes into building strong trust and communication. When you start your class, the instructors begin with a 15-minute introduction to go over your first trick and safety standards. Then it is your time to learn to fly. Maybe you would prefer something a little different? Looking for a fun way to surprise your colleagues? It wouldn’t be the first time Emerald City has seen a CEO learn the flying trapeze only to show off their skills to a room full of their employees.

Highlights of Events With Emerald City Trapeze

Events with Emerald City provide highly customizable team building opportunities. Not everyone has to participate, as Emerald City Trapeze can offer everything from a class to a professional show. However, many choose to participate after seeing others have so much fun in the air. Emerald City Trapeze has a beautiful venue and very skilled staff which give them vast range in providing services for your next team building event or party.

  • Everything from casual trapeze lessons to formal holiday party events. If you want to take your holiday party a step further, people have been known to take a lesson and surprise their colleagues at the event with their newly discovered skills.
  • They can provide classes or ice breaker sessions in flying trapeze, aerial arts, or a variety of circus arts.
  • Party guests can choose to be involved or just watch while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.
  • Add on bar service with the option of open, estimated, or pay per drink.
  • Allow your employees to take home a memento with a photo in crazy costumes. The flying trapeze artists might even surprise you popping into a few of the shots. This add-on brings in a photo booth for your guests to enjoy when not on the flying trapeze.
  • Emerald City does not provide catering services; however, they allow any licensed caterer to service the event.
  • Prices are listed on Emerald City Trapeze’s website. You can choose from a Team Building Package or rent the entire venue for your next party or function! Prices can vary with the experience you are looking for so it is best to contact Emerald City for a quote.

A Great Team Building Opportunity

Emerald City Trapeze has a unique Team Building package that includes professional trapeze show and access to their balcony with a bar. This exclusive experience includes 4 hours of balcony rental and there are plenty of add-ons, including the option for adding on more time, a group flying trapeze lesson, or a photo booth for people to take photos during the event. The price is a flat rate up to 100 people. For groups larger than 100 guests, Emerald City Trapeze can work with you on creating the perfect experience that will fit your group’s vision. Emerald City Trapeze hosts all sizes of parties, including small birthdays of 8-10 people and large events of 300-400 guests.

Is Trapeze a Safe Activity?

Flying Trapeze may sound extreme. Emerald City Trapeze offers a safe and fun experience for all. While it is plenty of fun there are safety rules set in place to make sure everyone has a fantastic experience. Most of these rules will be reviewed before you begin flying but some that are important to note now are listed below.

  • Every flyer must sign a waiver that recognizes the risks, liability and recognizing the flyers have health insurance.
  • All flyers will be secured in a harness and follow safety protocol.
  • There is a weight maximum of 250 pounds.
  • If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant you are not allowed to participate.
  • Instructors must be informed of any current or potentially relevant injuries.
  • Drinking is only permitted for those who are either not flying or are done flying.

Learn more about the waiver and safety standards here.

What Should I Wear?

If you are planning on trying out the flying trapeze or an aerial class there is a dress code. This is where you could really have fun and get a little creative.

  • Stripes, knee-high socks, feathers, sequins, bow-ties, and leg warmers are encouraged!
  • Comfortable form-fitting athletic clothes. Baggy clothes may get in the way of your performance.
  • Jeans and shorts are not recommended.
  • No jewelry during the class, please put long hair up and contact lenses are more preferable than glasses.
  • Clothing with buttons, snaps, zippers, rivets, or other metal accessories are not permitted.
  • Shoes cannot be worn during the class but socks are allowed.

Interview With Mariah of Emerald City Trapeze

Check out my interview with Mariah as we talk about Emerald City and all the different services offered.

Interview Transcript

Kristen: Hi I am Kristen and I am with Team Building Hero and I am here with Mariah from Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Hi Mariah, thank you for calling today.

Mariah: Thank you so much for reaching out to us we are excited to share a little bit about Emerald City Trapeze.

Kristen: Awesome, well first just to start off can you tell me a little bit about Emerald City Trapeze Arts and how it all got started?

Mariah: Absolutely, Emerald City Trapeze is located in Seattle Washington. We are about 5 to 10 minutes from downtown, Seattle. We are one of the very few circus facilities that allows you to fly indoors on a trapeze rig, we are fully indoors. We offer aerial arts, pole, trampoline, tumbling, and flying trapeze. We offer pretty much everything across the circus board. We also do high end events, and we do a variety of different team building activities.

Kristen: Awesome, so what about the corporate events? Do you guys kind of offer special services or special events for your corporate clients?

Mariah: We do, we offer a couple different options. Some groups just come in and they take a class where they learn how to do flying trapeze, it is a great option if they want to do an ice breaker or if, it is a group of employees who just want to get out and get unplugged. They have a chance to really get in a new environment and bond in a new and exciting way. We also do event rental, so if we want to have a group come in, perhaps during a holiday party, it is a great place where they can celebrate but also have an edge of circus to it where you could have flying trapeze artists, you could have aerial artists, you could have all these different components come together and create this really magical evening.

Kristen: O wow, that is really cool. So when you have corporate companies and clients come in and you are having employees do this, HR may be like, ‘woah, that is a little bit too intense for maybe someone in a higher position or someone that is older’ what would you say to people that are more worried about safety? Is there a height restriction? Is there a weight restriction?

Mariah: There is a weight restriction. Everything is posted online as far as our FAQ, you are welcome to look through that [information]. As far as safety, when it comes to safety, we are all about safety. There is a waiver that everyone signs, but everyone always wears safety lines for flying trapeze except, our event staff. If you are doing a component where the employees are trying trapeze during an event, our staff are trained to make sure that everyone is completely safe. We only allow drinking after people have participated with all of the different components. We really think about how to maximize the experience while also maximizing the safety component. We have children at summer camp learn to fly on the flying trapeze, and we have also had CEO’s who have flown during a fly show for a corporate event. So we have really seen the whole gamut.

Kristen: Wow, thats great. So you also mentioned corporate events related to holiday parties. Do you guys have any add ons as far as a bar, or catering service? What can they look for when doing a more formal event rather than trying the trapeze.

Mariah: Absolutely, if you want to do a more formal event we have a couple different options. If people want to participate we have an option where you can add-on an experience where it is unlimited flying trapeze for an hour. Your employees can come, fly, and watch other employees fly. It is a really great environment where people can start taking pictures, and videos, and get into it. It is a great way to kick off the evening –  just so you have something to watch, and it’s entertainment all on its own, especially seeing either yourself on the flying trapeze or seeing other people fly. If you want to just sit back and relax, you can add-on a flying trapeze show performed by our professional flying trapeze artists. A lot of people choose to have more of a circus or aerial ambiance during dinner or cocktail hour. We would recommend having an aerial ambiance performance – that could be anything from hoop to silks. It is a beautiful and romantic environment or it can be really hot and spicy, so it really just depends on what the client wants to create as far as environment.

We also do have a bar package, so we do offer everything in between. If you want to just come have a couple drinks with your group after doing a flying trapeze class, we can put together kind of a mini package or if you want to really do the holiday experience we do have full bar. We also, as of this year, have a photo booth option. So if people want to start putting on those crazy costumes and taking those pictures they are more then welcome to do so. It is a great memento, and a chance to really enjoy yourself. Sometimes our circus performers come and join you, and it is pretty fun because they are in full costume. We have just so many different options so if people want to create customized packages we are more than happy to put something together.

Kristen: Wow, that is so fun. So you kind of have everything from the casual, ‘O I want to actually try trapeze arts’ to formal holiday parties.

Mariah: Exactly, we actually do have a formal Team Building Package. And it is a really cool package because it essentially allows you to be part of the circus. The package gives you full access to our balcony. It gives you area where you can mingle. There is a bar up there, and it’s a great view. It is also nose-to-nose with our flying trapeze artists. That package includes a flying trapeze show, but you are also welcome to add on that experience so you can come, you can fly, you can eat and drink and then you can watch our professional flyers all for kind of a mini team building package and that is for under 100 people.

Kristen: So for the team building package do you guys talk about working together? Talk about, I would assume, trust that goes into throwing your partner into the air and all these different acrobatic moves.

Mariah: Absolutely, one of our biggest focuses is communication. We really want people to understand that when you are on the flying trapeze you have to listen and you have to really think about what you are doing. And, then there is also that team aspect of encouraging each other. We have a lot of individuals who come in, and they are absolutely terrified to go up the ladder. It doesn’t look that high from down below, but once you are up there, it can set off a lot of those fears. So really getting people to start encouraging each other and building on trust factors and ensuring that you know – whatever happens – everyone is going to have a great time, and you are going to cheer on those teammates. It is really different from the work environment and it builds just a different relationship between people. It is the same thing with our professional trapeze artists, it is all about those cues, listening, trust and knowing that as you swing across, someone is going to be there to catch you on the other side. Knowing that there is someone there on your safety lines, making sure you are fully secure and safe the entire time. It is a really cool experience.

Kristen: Awesome, so you mentioned that your team building package is for 100 people, correct?

Mariah: Mhmm, yes. We can accommodate more than that but then it starts to become a more formalized event. We do kind of have a really cool kind of exclusive mini team building package.

Kristen: Nice, so if there is a company say for maybe 20 people, would that still be ok for a smaller company?

Mariah: Absolutely, our bar area up top is included in the balcony area, you can fit 20 or you could fit 100. It just depends on how you want to accommodate everyone. If you have smaller groups we kind of recommend bringing in some tables and kind of creating an intimate ambiance. But we do much smaller parties as well. We have done the size of a birthday party of 8 – 12 people to upwards of a couple hundred. So it just depends one what group size you want and what ambiance you want to create and how we can really be a part of that.

Kristen: Fantastic, so what is the price ranges? You said the team building package is for about 100 people, does that price range change with the number of people that come? Is it a flat rate that increases after 100?

Mariah: We do have a flat rate for up to 100 guests. That is for 4 hours of time on the balcony. That does include the flying trapeze performance and that is $2,695. Then you can add-on an additional flying trapeze experience of $750 per hour. So that is a pretty cool experience and it is just because if you want to have up to 100 guests that is great. If you want to have more than that it is just becomes a customized package. It comes down to how many people you want to host, if it is a couple hundred it is a whole different deal. But if it is a couple more we can definitely work on a per person basis.

Kristen: Great, So with the add ons there was the photo booth, the bar, is that also included in the team building or is that an additional cost with the flat rate?

Mariah: Yes, that is a great question. As far as the photo booth that would be additional. When it comes to team building it depends on what package they want. If they want to do a full bar that is an additional item. If they want to do any kind of catering that is an additional item as well. We work with some great caters in the area but we do not have an exclusive cater. So it just depends on how we can best put together a package. Some people want to come and have one or two drinks with a cash bar or an estimated bar would be great. Some people want to come in for the whole afternoon and a hosted bar would be the way to go.

Kristen: Wow, that is so great. So say I am from HR and looking to plan an event and I am not really sure if I want to do a formal or a more interactive experience, what would you suggest for someone that is just learning about Emerald City Trapeze Arts?

Mariah: Absolutely, I would love for you to come in and take a tour. Because once you are in the space you get a better sense for what we do and what it feels like – that is a lot of what we try to create is this atmosphere of people can do anything, people can unplug and be part of this world. So if you are looking at an option where you just want entertainment, that is completely fine. If you want an option where people can have that circus experience that is fine as well. A lot of people end up combining the two. They end up doing an hour of experience where their employees can do flying trapeze and then move into a cocktail hour, followed by dinner, and aerial ambiance then ending the night with a bang with the flying trapeze show. So it gives everyone the chance to participate, or not, to really be involved and feel like they are a part of this magical world.

Kristen: Wow, that is so awesome. So it is completely customizable, you have the team building package and that really allows employees to learn off one another. Can you tell me about some of the experiences you guys have had with companies? Maybe companies learning from one another, and employees trying to build trust?

Mariah: Absolutely, one that just pops into my head was when a couple members of their company’s c-suite, came in prior to their big event. They actually learned some tricks on the flying trapeze prior to debuting their new tricks at the actual company event, It was pretty marvelous. No one knew that they were going to be performing, so everyone was just having their drinks and enjoying the evening. Then we kicked off the performance with a couple c-suite members performing and smiling, many people were taking pictures. People were going crazy with capturing videos and everyone was just having a great time. That is what we try to create – is that experience where people can feel like anyone can do anything. It’s just magical here. And we have had some other people that have chosen to do the flying trapeze experience, and they say, ‘O only 15 people are going to try’ and then it ends up being that everyone wants to try. The first couple of people the brave ones, right?

Kristen: Yup, definitely

Mariah: The first couple of people realize how fun it is. Like I said, everyone is fully harnessed, fully strapped in, and you are never just launching yourself off the platform without full guidance and once people realize it is just super fun and that we are a silly, fun group. Our instructors just try to keep people laughing and smiling the entire time. Suddenly everyone in the company wants to try it so that is pretty cool experience as well.

Kristen: Wow, that is so great. So I can go for the evening and watch my boss jump off a ledge and do tricks in the air. O wow, that is so great. Well, I think that is all the questions I have for you, do you have anything you would like to add about Emerald City Trapeze Arts?

Mariah: I think as far as things to add, I would just mention if you are thinking about doing an event here and you want to add on that experience factor, just come in for a class. You don’t have to commit to a series. Just one class, it is two hours, it is $60 per person. You get the experience of learning all of the flying trapeze basics, and we get you in the air after about 15 minutes. By the end you actually have the chance to go for a catch and that is where the magic happens. So I think if anyone is on the fence and they just want to try it. Come in for one class and it will change the way you do things. A lot of our individuals just wanted to spice up their fitness routine or gain a whole new community. So a lot of it can really change the way you think. So we recommend people come in and just try it.

Kristen: Awesome, well thank you so much for talking with us and we are definitely interested in seeing more Emerald City Trapeze Arts

Mariah: Perfect, thank you so much for your time.

Emerald City Trapeze Reviews

“WOW. What an experience at Emerald City Trapeze!! This was quite possibly the most thrilling and satisfying thing I’ve ever done. The instructional team contributes to this almost entirely – they made me feel so comfortable here despite all my nerves, and really helped me build my confidence in addition to these new skills. They’re welcoming, they’re friendly – and they really know what they’re doing. This is what really made this studio and experience truly unforgettable.” – Araya U., Yelp

“We included Emerald City Trapeze in our holiday party and had the best time. The staff was great at making sure everyone was safe and at ease. It was fun to see everyone push themselves to their limits. I plan on bringing my kids back to a family outing.” – Sandy P., Yelp

“Absolutely incredible show full of talent worthy of a stage in any of the top venues or performance-capitals, SUPER nice staff, unique experience in this city, the most fun I ever have on certain holidays, and all of that for an extremely fair price. (and even though I imagine they could probably charge more based on the demand/ how quickly their special events sell-out and I want the performers to earn as much as they can, I also want to thank them for providing an amazing show at a reasonable price-point) They do something like no one else in this city from a to z.” – Molly S., Facebook

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