Seven Tips to Become an Attractive Employer and Lure Tech Workers

Attracting tech talent has become a challenge since more companies are in a hunt for skilled employees. Nowadays, organizations are doing all they can to have the best tech workers on their teams. For tech employees, six-figure salaries are not enough. They know they are valuable, and companies must provide more benefits to convince them.

To attract tech talent, you need to open your mind and embrace changes. It’ll help you to improve your employee attraction strategies and achieve your goal. However, if you’re struggling to do it and you don’t know where to start, here are seven tips that’ll allow you to become an eye-catching employer.

Promote Positivism

For tech employees, letting their ideas flow is crucial. Promoting positivism allows you to create a good work environment to make employees feel comfortable. Let them know that there’s a solution to every problem, and you’ll help them find it.

Tech workers often deal with stressful situations during projects. If the work environment is awful, they will provide poor results, and the company won’t remain competitive. Identify what makes them feel passionate and let them enjoy what they do.

For example, a UX designer is responsible for creating dynamic apps to provide customers with mind-blowing experiences. If they feel uncomfortable, they won’t focus and won’t give you what you need.

Hire for Diversity & Inclusion

Hiring for diversity and inclusion is an important aspect of the workforce, and you may need to be very intentional about it. You can attract top candidates by following best practices, such as carefully choosing words and phrases in job posts, and getting feedback on your hiring process from experts.

Allow Tech Employees to Work From Home

Providing schedule flexibility allows you to increase employees’ job satisfaction. Employees who do their duties from home can spend more time with their loved ones. As a result, they’ll feel comfortable and will work harder to achieve the company’s goals.

Remote work has become the new standard, and many companies are providing employees with schedule flexibility. If you don’t adapt, you can be left behind. Remote work has also proven to reduce companies’ costs and increase productivity. In other words, hiring more remote workers will be beneficial for your organization.

Make Your Company the Best Place to Improve Workers’ Wellness

Since you need more than a good salary to attract tech employees, providing on-site benefits is a good way to catch their attention. Many world-class companies offer their employees on-site gym classes and spa sessions. Google, in addition, provides its workers with free food in the workplace.

If you’re willing to hire the best talent, you need to go further and give them what they want. Making your company a great place to improve their wellness will help you become an attractive employer and increase workers’ job satisfaction. Employees who love their jobs tell others how good it is. In that case, potential hirings won’t hesitate to join your team. Don’t forget that, for tech workers, not having work-life balance is among the main reasons for leaving a job.

Running virtual team building activities with your team can be a great way to help them feel happy and engaged too.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Providing growth opportunities is essential to make tech workers feel engaged. The tech market is a fast-growing industry. And if tech workers can’t grow, their skills can get obsolete. A job with no growth opportunities makes tech workers feel frustrated. Given that, they’ll feel it’s useless and won’t have a good performance.

If you’re willing to keep tech employees happy, you need to let them grow. Give them a promotion when they deserve it. Let them know that if they work harder, they’ll be rewarded. It can help you get the job done. Otherwise, offer an attractive career path, and let them know your company will help them succeed.

A good way to find out what growth opportunities your people are interested in is to ask icebreaker questions during meetings.

Promote Professional Development

Tech employees need to update and upgrade their skills constantly. Otherwise, they won’t implement the best practices to help your company stay on top. Consequently, promoting professional development is crucial to make them feel engaged. Offer tuition reimbursement benefits to allow them to enroll in coding bootcamps.

Coding bootcamps provide tech workers with in-demand programming tools to help your company reshape the market. Because of their new skills, your company will stay relevant and give customers what they need.

Coding schools also allow students to get equipped with excellent tools for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data. In that case, your tech team will create better insights to lead your company to success. If you can’t provide employees with tuition reimbursement benefits, you can try to give on-site or online courses. It will help you to keep tech workers motivated.

Demonstrate How Valuable Your Employees Are

Reward the right behavior and let your workers know when they have done an excellent job. Congratulate them in public. It allows you to demonstrate how valuable they are. When employees feel valued, they stay motivated and do all they can to achieve the company’s goals.

Another good way to make them feel special is by asking for their opinion. When making important decisions, let them know their opinion matters, and it’ll affect the result. Also, giving incentives to your personnel allows you to show their efforts are valuable.

Go the Extra Mile

To make the difference, you’ll need to go the extra mile. Of course, the workplace is important, and making employees feel comfortable too. But, if you want to keep them engaged, you have to make them feel part of a big family. Be personal and ask them how they feel. It allows you to identify their needs and give an extra hand if needed.

You can also ask your workers to join you for dinner. Activities outside the workplace make employees feel special. By asking them for dinner, you’ll show you care not only about their performance at work but about their lives. Given that, they won’t leave your company because they’ll know their job is more than just a job.


Becoming an attractive employer requires making big efforts. But, I can guarantee that it’ll be much easier if you follow these tips. Convincing the best tech candidates won’t be a struggle, and keeping them happy won’t take your sleep away.

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